A guide to practical summer festival clothing

A guide to practical summer festival clothing

When we think of festivals we think of hair garlands, face paint and typical 'festival fashion'. Many high street retailers encourage people to purchase stylish wardrobes to attend the festival season, but here at Nature Shop comfort is first and foremost on our list, we believe that you can be practical while still looking great! Below we look at festival clothing that will tick both those boxes!

With the weather in England never guaranteed to stay warm be sure to pack layers as its better to be able to remove a layer of clothing than be too hot or cold the entirety of the festival, plus if the weather turns colder at night you'll be glad for the extra layers to sleep in. We would recommend taking some temperature regulating thermal base layers which can be worn under your normal clothes, these are designed to keep you warm when cold and cool when its warm so these will be perfect for the ever changing British weather

For T-shirts there are plenty of practical options that look stylish. We'd recommend the Mons Royale Summer range of t-shirts which are made from a blend of eucalyptus tencel and merino wool; lightweight, breathable and odour resistant, fellow festival goers will be thanking you, especially after a long weekend of limited showers! Looking for a slogan t-shirt or printed t-shirt? Patagonia have a great range of cool designs and the t-shirts are either made from 100% organic cotton, or a blend of 50% recycled cotton and 50% post consumer recycled polyester

Next you'll want a hoodie to throw over your other layers when the weather cools down, again a merino wool sweater or hoodie will be great for its odour resistant properties and will also regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable, Mons Royale have some great funky designs that will make you stand out from the crowd 

Protect yourself from wind and rain with a waterproof jacket. Didriksons have a great range of coats; from thin waterproofs, lightweight jackets to parkas and coats you'll have plenty to choose from. Choose a coat based on the location and time of the year to make sure you're not under or over estimating what you'll need

Forget flimsy flip flops! English festivals are renowned for their sheer amount of mud, combine this with the amount of people there and you'll want some footwear that can protect your toes! The best option will be a high quality pair of wellies, there are so many brands, patterns and colours to choose from. If you do want to take some sandals then check out KEEN's range; they are sturdier than flip flops, have a grippier sole and also have toe protectors

To carry your clothing you're going to need a bag and the best option at a festival is a backpack to keep your possessions as mud free as possible. Patagonia do a great range of backpacks which will be suitable such as the Refugio Pack and the Black Hole Pack. If you want to carry your valuables and water with you during the day check out the Patagonia Atom Sling which is a smaller design and is worn across the body

Festival goers are being encouraged to reduce the amount of plastic usage by taking their own refillable drinks bottles and coffee cups. Easy to fill up and wash, these handy accessories will keep you plastic free. Check out the stainless steel pint cups which come in a pack of 4 and are stackable; the perfect festival accessory.


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