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Nature Shop currently stocks products from artisan groups in Brazil, Indonesia, India, Italy, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Turkey and Vietnam.

We love how each artisan group uses cultural techniques, traditional textiles and handmade processes to create one of a kind products.

By shopping these products, you're helping to provide a stable and reliable income to the artisan and their family.


Aura Que work with a range of small producer groups in Asia to produce stylish fair-trade bags and accessories. 

Each product is brought to life in various charity handicraft units or WFTO producer groups that employ local people that may be affected by discrimination or disabilities, providing an income for themselves and their families according to fair trade principles.

Aura Que works with artisans in rural Nepal, Kathmandu, Kolkata and Vietnam.

They have a beautiful range of repurposed jewellery, purses and bags.




Bohemia work collaboratively with artisans in Morocco, India, Kenya and Turkey to produce sustainably produced homeware and accessories. 

The Moroccan baskets are natural, handwoven shopping baskets made from sustainable palm leaf and provide a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. 

The Hammam towels are handwoven in Turkey or Morocco and make the perfect travel accessory or home accessory. Use as a beach towel, picnic blanket or throw or even wear as a sarong or shawl. 

The Morroccan Babouche slippers are handmade using moroccan leather in bright colours.




Egos Copenhagen are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and all their workers are paid a fair wage. As well as employing Nepalese artisans to make the slippers, they also provide financial support to local orphanages and have been involved in various development projects in collaboration with local NGOs, such as the TEWA women organisation, and DANIDA.

Their felted wool slippers are handmade and extreme care is taken in making each pair of slippers. Each artisan is able to make just two pairs of slippers a day.




Én Gry & Sif are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and all their workers are paid a fair wage. Most of the artisans employed by Én Gry & Sif are women who use their income to support their families. 

The Nepalese artisans are extremely skilled in what they do and they use ancient Nepalese techniques to felt the wool into the flower shapes.

The flowers are made using raw wool from New Zealand sheep which is felted to make their gorgeous designs. The raw wool is first dyed using eco-friendly colours then the wool is rubbed together with soapy water and the shape of the flower is formed. The flowers are then left to dry in the sun.



The Joias Da Amazonia bracelets are an important source of income for the artisans and their families and offers the local and indigenous people an alternative to logging and agriculture.
First the acai seeds are harvested from the Amazon rainforest, then the local artisans hand drill the seed one by one, the seeds are the dried and dyed into the colours before being made into the beautiful finished bracelets. 
Also known as Bio jewellery, the Joias Da Amazonia range differs from conventional jewellery because they are produced from elements discarded by nature (Seeds, bark, fibres and stones).