Sustainable Fabrics

All of Nature Shop's products are made from either sustainable fabrics or recycled materials


Why wear Sustainable Fabrics?

The manufacturing process of natural fibres is more environmentally friendly than the production of synthetic fibres

Natural fibres come from trees or plants that can be grown or harvested over and over again or from animals that are shorn every year

Natural fibres naturally decompose so they create less buildup in landfills

Organic, natural fibres are made without the use of pesticides, fertilisers and chemicals so are kinder to the skin. They are also more breathable than synthetics

Most natural fibres are heavily regulated to ensure the consumer is receiving what they should be

Natural fibre clothing is longer lasting and high quality so you won't need to change your wardrobe as often

Why use Recycled Products?

Purchasing recycled products lowers the amount of items that end up on our landfill or in our oceans

There are so many clever products made from recycled materials including recycled flip flop bracelets, purses made from drinks can ring pulls, and flip-flops made from recycled tyres. 

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