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Patagonia Environmental credentials

Patagonia are doing so many fantastic things as a brand in regards to environmental and social responsibility and seek to create the best products possible while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment without any compromise to quality. They are committed to using sustainable business practices, and are involved in many environmental projects such as the Common Threads Initiative, The Footprint Chronicles (showing their visible supply chains) and the Our Common Waters campaign. 

We love the way they encourage Patagonia clothing customers to buy once and wear and wear and wear and  Patagonia's 'Worn Wear: Better than New' programme is fantastic in the way they are encouraging their customers to fix and repair their beloved Patagonia clothing products rather than throw them away.

This programme was created to keep Patagonia gear in motion longer to take some of the pressure off the planet..........we love this way of thinking!

They also use recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, chlorine-free wool and recycled nylon in all of their clothing. Their shoes are made from recycled rubber and natural latex from hevea trees, and they offer vegan friendly shoes made with no animal by-products.

Patagonia Clothing and T Shirts

Patagonia believe in more than just educating the community about environmental issues, they want to encourage those people to take action. They have profit pledges to For The Planet, and have given over US$40 million in grants to more than 1,000 organizations. They have also donated their time and money towards creating a new national park, developing environmental internship programs, and building their own power plant that generates its electricity from the sun. 


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