Mons Royale Merino Wool Clothing

More Versatile Merino!

An amazing brand from New Zealand, Mons Royale create a brilliant range of versatile merino wool clothing designed for both technical performance and style!

Mons Royale clothing looks so great on so you will look amazing whether you're on the slopes, hiking, biking, wandering round town or at the pub! Despite being technically made, the styling is so cool and casual that you won't feel like you're wearing your gym gear! The anti bacterial properties in the wool also mean even if you've had a hard workout or you've been biking all day you won't stink! Perfect!

Designed for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and more, Mons Royale is cleverly designed with techical features and cool designs. Their aim is to create high quality, versatile clothing that you can wear year round for all activities.

Mons Royale is worn by some of the worlds best action sports athletes including the New Zealand Olympic team! If it's good enough for them, its good enough for us!












What makes Mons Royale stand out amongst the other thermals?

"We design garments that people love to wear everyday, not just the days they're on the hill. Garments that work as well on the mountain as they look good on the street. We do this with merino wool because its way better than any other fabric - it is super soft, warm (even when wet), ultra breathable, helps to regulate your temperature and doesn't stink!" - Hannah Aubrey, Mons Royale Creative Director

Fabrics - Mons Royale use Merino Wool in all of their clothing which is ethically sourced, 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable.

Built to last - All Mons Royale products are extremely high quality and designed to last and last, saving the planet from throw away fashion and also saving you money in the long run.

Versatile - Designed to be versatile enough to be worn both for sports and for leisure. 

Responsibly made - Mons Royale have chosen their manufacturing partners based on their quality and their ethics. Any partners must meet Mons Royale's standards on using clean technology and fair treatment of their workers. All their partners also meet ISO 14001:2004 which is an international standard that sets the framework for an environmental management system and requires businesses to commit to continuous improvement. The Mons Royale factory has a wool cleaning and combing plant that recycles and cleans its water using a purification system. The wool spinning plant recycles heat through an air conditioner and also uses a water purification system. The textile and garment manufacturing plant only uses environmentally friendly dyes and the water used for these dyes is processed through a water purification system meaning that any chemicals are neutralised and only clean water goes back into the environment. All fabrics used are certified to Oeko-Tex, Standard 100, Class 1; this is the highest attainable standard.

Merino Wool is:

Temperature Regulating

Merino is an active fiber which takes in factors such as the wearer's body temperature and external conditions. In cold conditions your merino thermals will keep you warm and in warm conditions they will keep you cool.

Moisture Resistant

Merino wicks moisture away from the skin and into the atmosphere meaning you'll be kept drier for longer. Merino can absorb up to 35% of its own weight before feeling wet!


Odour Resistant

The lanolin in merino wool prevents mildew and bacteria from building up on your clothing and any odour molecules are absorbed into the merino fibre stopping the build up on unpleasant odours. Great for if you need your thermals for a long trip!

UV Resistant

Merino wool have a UV factor of between 30 and 50 UVP because the fibres absorb UV radiation throughout the entire UV spectrum, adding a layer of protection against harmful rays.

Long Lasting

Although merino wool clothing tends to be more expensive than synthetic fibres it will last a lot longer meaning you won't have to repurchase every few months. Merino wool fibres can bend over 20,000 times without breaking so won't lose shape or get holes.

Soft & Comfortable

Merino wool is super soft against the skin and unlike traditional wool it doesn't irritate or itch the skin. The merino fibres are so fine that when they come into contact with the skin they bend. Merino is also hypoallergenic meaning it's great for people with eczema and allergies.



Merino wool is an amazing sustainable fibre which is composed of a natural protein meaning it is biodegradable. The merino sheep produce a new fleece naturally every year and the farmers shear the sheep only in the summer to ensure the animals comfort, hygiene and mobility. The wool is ethically sourced and 100% made from nature.



ISO Rated

An international standard that sets the framework for an environmental management system and requires businesses to commit to continuous improvement. All Mons Royale partners meet ISO 14001:2004



The worldwide consistent and independent certification system for all types of textiles which are tested for harmful substances. The Oeko-Tex standard contributes to high and effective consumer product safety.

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