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Here at Nature Shop we love versatile clothes that fit every part of our lives and that's why we love Mons Royale! An amazing brand from New Zealand, Mons create a brilliant range of versatile merino wool clothing designed for both technical performance and style! 

Mons Royale clothing looks so great on so you will look amazing whether you're on the slopes, hiking, biking, wandering round town or at the pub! Despite being technically made, the styling is so cool and casual that you won't feel like you're wearing your gym gear to hang out with friends! The anti bacterial properties in the merino wool also mean even if you've had a hard workout or been biking all day you won't stink! Perfect!

Designed for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Biking and more, Mons Royale is cleverly designed with technical features and cool designs. Mons Royale's aim is to make high quality versatile clothing that you can wear year round and for all activities! 

"We design garments that people love to wear every day, not just the days they’re out on the hill. Garments that work as well on the mountain as they look good on the street. We do this with merino wool because it’s way better than any other fabric – It is super soft, warm (even when it’s wet), ultra-breathable, helps to regulate your temperature and doesn’t stink...

“...We designed the range to be as versatile as possible. The inspiration comes from the lifestyle we live in Wanaka. People might ride their mountain bike in the morning and then spend the afternoon at the lake. Merino lets you do that in the same garment. We design so the garment functions from a technical point-of-view when you’re active, but keeps a street savvy vibe so you don’t have to look like you’ve been on a mountaineering expedition or just finished a stage of the Tour de France. They’re clothes you can be active in and yet still retain a sense of style whether you’re hiking, riding, travelling or out on the town.” - Mons Royale Creative Director Hannah Aubrey

Mons Royale is worn by some of the World's best action sports athletes, including the New Zealand Olympic Team! If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us! 

Mon's Royale Clothing


Mons Royale have chosen their manufacturing partners on their quality and their ethics. Any partners must meet Mons Royale's standards on using clean technology and fair treatment of their workers. 

Their factory has a wool cleaning and combing plant that recycles and cleans its water using a purification system. The Wool spinning plant recycles heat through an air conditioner and also uses a water purification system. The textile and garment manufacturing plant only uses environmentally friendly dyes, and the water used for these dyes is processed through a water purification system meaning that any chemicals are neutralised and only clean water goes back into the environment. 

All Mons Royale partners meet ISO 14001:2004 (an international standard that sets the framework for an environmental management system and requires businesses to commit to continuous improvement).

All fabrics used are certified to Oeko-Tex, Standard 100, Class 1. This is the highest attainable standard. 


Conor Macfarlane rocking Mons royale!



  • Merino Wool is much softer than traditional wool and because the fibres are finer they won't itch! The keratin found in merino wool is also proven by dermatologists to be beneficial to the softness of human skin.
  • Merino has natural anti-bacterial properties which resist the build up of odours. Its complex chemical structure locks the odour molecules within the fibre and only releases them on washing meaning that you can wear it for days without the stink!
  • Merino fibre has a natural crimp which provides Merino garments with superior insulation and breathability, it will keep you warm when its cold outside, and cool when its hot!
  • Merino has a natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin, this helps to regulate your temperature and stop you from feeling clammy or sweaty!

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