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Didriksons 1913

Nature Shop have been looking for a fantastic brand to provide us with top quality, stylish and functional waterproof and windproof jackets for adults and great wet weather gear for kids!

When we came across Didriksons, not only did we love the products, but having searched high and low to find great wet weather and snow gear for little ones, we became very excited about the gorgeous products they have for kiddies!  Their products are beautifully made, excellent quality, have gorgeous features and are carefully made for the best function and warmth.

It was a big decision for us to venture from our predominantly natural fibre products, but after scrutinising the brand, their history and their manufacturing processes, we felt Didriksons was the brand for us.  

Nature Shop's aim is to offer the best products to our customers, but not saturate our website with hundreds of brands, so when we take on a brand, it has to be one that we feel we want to work with for years and focus on growing their range to our customers.  Didriksons has been around since 1913, so there was proof to longevity right there for us! When we asked about their manufacturing processes and codes of conduct, not only did they supply us with pages of information about what they insist and adhere to, but they were excited that we had asked them! Proof again that this was a partnership meant to be!

A Swedish brand, that was started in 1913 by husband and wife team, Julius and Hanna Didrikson, Didriksons was manufacturing oil garments on the the western coastline of Sweden for the fishing industry.  Over the decades the brand has evolved, the materials have changed, the styles and functions have evolved and the processes have changed. What has always been at the forefront of the Didriksons brand is functionality and quality! They are continuously developing their ranges and products to met the need for high quality, modern, functional rain wear gear.

Progressive Eco Thinking By Didriksons - What they have to say!

We love Water - Without it - We Wouldn't be Here!

Our Environment and our Planet concern us all.  At Didriksons, we strive to make our footprint as small as possible wherever we walk.  We do our utmost to conserve resources when we make garments, constantly develop our quality processes, and integrate these and other actions, concepts and items into our manufacturing.

Our water repellence treatments are 100% free from perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

We use Lyocell-Cellulose from the Eucalyptus tree, which means less water consumption during production.

We use recycled polyester whenever possible.

We continuously work on improving our environmental protection program and we appreciate customers who push us toward cutting-edge sustainability strategies and implementation.

Loving Water Means Saving It!

Sustainability Work

At Didriksons they take responsibility and sustainability seriously.  Through perseverance and good communication in their work, they strive for sustainable practices throughout all aspects of their products development.  Throughout their company their manner of working must be conducted in an economical, social and environmental sustainable manner.  

Respect for human rights, the environment and their business relations are all part of their responsibility.The subject of the environment is always in focus, water related issues and substitution of hazardous chemicals.  Efforts to achieve short and long term goals are under continual improvement and are found in their own practices, products and suppliers.

To increase the life of their garments, they work for sustainable qualities and solutions consistent with the garments use.  The children's collection's lifetime is increased by durability, combined with Didriksons own 'Extend Size'.  The system involves a special inside seam in the arms and legs that can be opened (unpicked) to extend the size of the garment, therefore to grow with the child. Didriksons are encouraging people to invest in garments, that will not just be here for one season, but to last and see you through longer, to chose wisely and invest in products that will last!

Didriksons Code of Conduct

Didriksons Code of Conduct is based on the ILO core conventions on working conditions and labour rights, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Regulated by the convention are working environments, working hours, wages, no child labour, no forced labour, no discrimination, humane treatment, fire safety and national laws.  All producers that work with Didriksons must sign the Code of Conduct and there undertake to comply with the requirements.


When a new product is created, the product and functionality is fully analyzed and Didriksons steer the production towards conscious choices of material.  They take into account environmental improvements and strive to use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible, including using fluorocarbon-free water repellent sealers on most of their products.

Offices and Factories

All manufacturing is outsourced and all carefully selected by Didriksons to meet exact specifications and to adhere to their strict guidelines in regards to manufacturing and code of conduct.
They have a representative office in China and in Boras in Europe, which monitor Didriksons requirements in regards to all facets of the manufacturing and employment.

Sweden Textile Water Initiative STWI

Since 2010 Didriksons have been members of STWI, a project between Stockholm International Water Institute and a group of Swedish textile and leather companies, all with the common goals regarding sustainable water usage in the production of textile manufacturing processes.

Chemicals Group Swerea

Didriksons are members of the Kemikaligruppen (Chemical Group) within Swerea, this ensures they are informed and adhere to current legal requirements in regards to chemicals and environmental issues.

CSR West

Didriskons are members of CSR West Sweden.  They are the hub for Western Sweden's overall Corporate Social Responsibility activities and the country's largest network for cross-sector responsibility.  Their ambition is for all of their members and the entire region to be pioneers, both nationally and internationally, when it comes to accountability and sustainable development.

Didriksons Guides

Didriksons have created a guide to show you more about their garments. For more information on their level guides, system guides, and their extend size system, please.

Nature Shop hope you like the Didriksons products and ethics as much as we do!

We hope to expand on the ranges we are offering and continue to add great Didriksons products to our site.









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