Swap to recyclable coffee cups and reduce your carbon footprint

Swap to recyclable coffee cups and reduce your carbon footprint

Each year 100 billion single use coffee cups are being thrown away (2.5 billion just in the UK) with less than 1% of those being recycled! The rest of the cups end up on landfills with a total life span of around 13 minutes

To reduce the carbon footprint from paper cups, the Environmental Audit Committee is urging the government to introduce a 25p "latte levy", similar to the plastic bag levy. They believe that this charge will reduce the amount of people using throwaway coffee cups much like the plastic bag levy has done

In the meantime, coffee shops are being encouraged to reward customers that bring in their own recyclable coffee cups and also put in recycling collections in store for any paper cups to be collected and recycled properly. Pret a Manger, Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Greggs all currently offer customers at least a 20p discount if they use reusable coffee cups when purchasing a hot drink

Ecoffee has created a range of funky recyclable coffee cups made from bamboo which are light to carry, BPA and Phthalate free and have a resealable no-drip lid. These cups are easy to drink from, are fully dishwasher safe and are naturally sterile so don't taint the flavour of your drink 

Their #stopthe100billion campaign aims to raise awareness and change the way people drink their takeaway coffee. Help reduce the amount of coffee cups that end up in landfill by purchasing one of these funky coffee cups

Ecoffee cups are £9.95 and come in a range of colours & patterns


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