Gandys: Orphans for Orphans


We're super proud of one of our amazing brands Gandys for their amazing work aiding underprivileged children with nutrition, medication and education.

Rob and Paul the founders of Gandys tragically lost their parents in the Boxing Day Tsunami leaving them and their two other siblings orphans. The brothers were determined to find a positive end to the tragedy they experienced in 2004 and so the brand Gandys was born! 10% of ALL profits from their products are donated to help other children affected by the Tsunami. 

As well as these amazing donations they also started their foundation 'Orphans for Ophans' and in 2014 they built their Orphans for orphans Children's Home in Sri Lanka. This facility provides children with academic support, woodwork lessons, and sports lessons to name a few, and provides them with a safe place to spend the day while their parents go out to work and provide for the family. Parents also have the opportunity to learn english and maths at the facility. 

We're really proud to stock such an amazing brand and we love their range of amazing natural rubber flip flops. For more information about Gandys and to see their products click HERE. We'll be receiving their new amazing range this month so keep your eyes peeled!

The Gandys children's home in Sri Lanka



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