There's nothing better than stocking products that you have tried and tested and here at Nature Shop, that is exactly how we choose our products.

When we were approached by Stick-lets to stock their fantastic product, we had the perfect camping trip coming up to test them out on all the kids there.

One of the most fun things about Stick-lets is the gathering of sticks! What fun the kids had! We are always going on bush walks and nature walks, but with this exercise we were all on a mission and the kids loved the responsibility of collecting the biggest sticks they could find off the ground.....that was great fun!  And very rewarding for the kids.  You could see they all had a sense of achievement having managed to find some massive sticks for the fort we were about to build.

Building the fort took a little bit of planning by some fussy Dads, but once under way it was easy to build and the kids enjoyed helping and attaching the Stick-lets to the ends of the sticks.  They loved seeing the fort come to life and how sturdy it was.

The Stick-lets are definitely robust and you can pull and stretch them with no problem at all.  For the littlest hands, you will most likely need an adult to give some help, but for the older kids, they can be left to it to see what they can create.

Stick-lets for us encourages adventure, the outdoors, nature, exercise, creativity, problem solving, bonding and having loads of fun!

So from a group of 9 kids ranging from 4 to 10 years old and from a group of parents (no need to disclose the ages), Stick-lets get a huge 10 out of 10!



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