Gandys Flip Flops

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Gandys Flip Flops

Gandys has a fantastic ethical background, not only in the manufacturing of their products, but also in the way they are giving back to people in need.  Gandys has been created with the vision of creating a sustainable social enterprise that would help but also inspire others to create change.

There is an incredibly compelling story behind Gandys and the reason the founders of the brand, brothers Rob & Paul have chosen the path of Gandys and the Orphans for Orphans cause.

Having a bohemian upbringing, travelling and volunteering all over the world, the brothers tragically lost their parents in the Boxing Day Tsunami, leaving them and their two other siblings orphans.  An event that obviously changed their lives forever, the brothers were determined to find a positive end to the tragedy they experienced in 2004.  They wanted to do something that would honour the spirit of their parents and that would give them peace of mind in the process.

Born from a simple idea at a music festival, Gandys was created with the goal of helping people in the developing countries that they had visited, specifically children less fortunate than themselves.  Having travelled the world in flip flops, a flip flop seemed like the perfect choice of product and the Gandys brand was born. The brothers decided they would give a percentage of the profits from Gandys flip flops to build orphanages and schools and their mission of 'Orphans for Orphans' was born.

Here at Nature Shop we are avid flip flop wearers and after reading the Gandys mission and values, we knew this was the flip flop brand we wanted to stock!

Gandys flip flops are 100% FSC certified natural rubber, fantastic colours and have a unique rope strap. Testing and measuring the design of the flip flop, the brothers have decided on using 100% mouldable natural rubber, which gives them their distinctive rope strap and a high quality sole, both embossed with a passport stamp of the brand. 
Rubber is a natural product that is eco-friendly and bio-degradable, using this high quality material makes the flip flops more durable and comfortable. 

The flip flops are made in Fuzhou, China, which gives the customers a high quality, well priced product. 
Gandys has established a code of regulations and a statement of best practise for the suppliers they source throughout the manufacturing process of their flip flops.

Gandys Code of Regulations

Every person working in the factory is of legal working age.
Every person working in the factory is paid a decent living wage for set hours.
Every person working in the factory is working in good conditions.
People are encouraged to wear the Gandys flip flops whilst working for comfort and everyone is informed about Gandys vision and the 10% of profits going towards orphans in India.
They know about Gandys aim to open children's homes and schools in as many developing countries as they can.

Gandys Carbon Footprint & Packaging

Gandys flip flops are packaged in recycled boxes, being kinder to the environment and reducing the impact the manufacturing of their product has on our planet.
The flip flops are transported by boat, therefore keeping their carbon footprint from manufacturer to warehouse as minimal as possible.

Nature Shop hope you like the Gandys flip flops as much as we do and help this amazing cause reach their goals of helping children and to open as many orphanages and schools as they can!

'Gandys take an active approach to helping people's lives, communities and the environment.'





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