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When Nature Shop were approached by beyondBeanie to purchase their Alpaca beanies and support their projects in Bolivia, we jumped at the chance!

We were hugely impressed by the projects beyondBeanie do in Bolivia, from the support they give the artisans who handcraft the beanies to the money they donate to the orphanages for food......step by step they are making a difference and we love being a part of that!

To Nature Shop this was a no brainer.......we love the beanies and dealing with the people behind beyondBeanie has not only been easy and informative, it is also massively inspiring! 

We are always keen to support brands who are out there doing amazing things and helping communities around the back and changing lives. 

We also love that beanies made from Alpaca wool fit perfectly with our ethics and the other products we sell.  We like sustainable fibres' and products that are doing as little harm as possible to the environment and surrounding communities.  We are not always able to stock products that are only 100% natural fibres, but when we can, we do.

Having backpacked in South America and travelled around Bolivia in my 20s, I (Mel, owner of Nature Shop) knew how great Alpaca is and I remember fondly the hats and socks I bought from local markets and wore and wore them until there was little left of them.  My Alpaca socks kept my feet warm at night for many years!  Plus every time I wore them, it would take me back to Bolivia and the amazing experience I had travelling there (as pictured here).

We hope our customers will get behind beyondBeanie, like we have, and see how a small purchase can change lives and help improve futures.

Thank you for your support.  


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