Snugs, the perfect gift this Christmas!


Our Snugs Sheepskin slippers are hugely popular and the perfect gift for all ages. Below we showcase some lifestyle shots and explain why Sheepskin slippers are better than synthetic. 


For Women we have a range of gorgeous slippers in feminine colours. The Annapurna is great for a lightweight ballerina style slipper, the Etna features a gorgeous wool cuff and no back for easy on and off and the Casse is a full foot slipper which provides amazing coverage and looks great with the wool cuff. 

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For Men we have the Snowdon and the Nevis slippers. The Snowdon is a stylish slide on slipper and the Nevis is a full foot slipper with reinforced heel. Both styles come in a range of colours, from the natural browns and blacks to Aqua blue and Navy. Some of our Mens styles are also available in womens sizes if you're looking for a simpler design. 

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The Mckinley slippers are extremely popular with our older customers and for those looking for a bit more support. The Mckinley comes up higher around the ankle to add more support and has velcro opening for easy on off. Available in both pink and chestnut. 

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For Kids we have the Girls Casse Pink and Boys Nevis Blue. These gorgeous slippers are miniatures of our popular adults styles and look adorable on!

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Aside from being exceptionally comfortable sheepskin slippers provide numerous other benefits. 

Sheepskin has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes as it has been proven to be hypoallergenic and can help with poor circulation, skin problems and other ailments.

Sheepskin contains lanolin which soothes the skin and promotes healing. It also has anti-bacterial properties which assist in keeping your slippers odour free and able to be worn without socks.

Sheepskin is extremely insulating, which makes sheepskin slippers the ideal choice for keeping your feet warm and comfortable during a long, cold winter.  Choosing natural fibres over synthetic fibres is beneficial in terms of warmth, comfort, medicinal factors and sheepskin is also resistant to flame and static electricity.



Our Snugs 100% Sheepskin Slippers are hand crafted and hand sewn in Portugal by a small family run company. Snugs are made using only the best quality Portuguese sheepskin and all the slippers are vegetable tanned rather than using chrome and synthetic tannins found in the more common slippers. This has less impact on the environment and is more natural against the skin.



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