Patagonia - Fashion That Makes You Feel As Good As You Look

Patagonia is an enticing and pioneering brand that keeps ethical focus at the heart of their business. The international clothing brand specialises in outdoor wear that is stylish, comfortable and truly embraces what it means to focus on the welfare of the planet and others. Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, encourages consumers to become ‘radical environmentalists’ and the pace and attitude of this vibrant company is truly infectious. Their products are exceptional quality and superbly designed, their policies are completely focused on social and environmental well being and the fabulously unique ideas and offerings made by the company are captivating as well as provoking. Interestingly, Patagonia is keen to encourage customers to consider their existing wardrobe before purchasing new items.

This may seem like the ultimate contradiction in profitable business, but where the soul of the company concerns itself with green standards and ethical processes, this is a welcome message to all. Patagonia promotes the idea that preloved is at the forefront of fashion and that innovation with old garments is key to exciting trends and sound ethical practice. This homefront attitude is an encouraging idea for those who worry about their consumer footprint, the impact on less economically stable countries and for those who simply want to minimise expenditure and make the most of their purchases.

The Worn Wear programme that was introduced by Patagonia encapsulates the company’s mission to demonstrate a commitment to humane, fair and safe clothing production and pieces. The programme gives validity to Patagonia’s ambition to alter the consumer’s mindset with regards to their belongings. In a world so often focused on consumerism and replacement of goods, Patagonia leads the way in encouraging us all to adopt a repair and recycle attitude, enabling us to enjoy our purchases for longer and minimise the impact of manufacture and consumption. The company achieves this through a Worn Wear tour which offers free repairs, workshops and educational information to interested consumers throughout the UK and Europe, allowing customers to access valuable tips and socially conscious advice at no charge.

Patagonia encourages customers to study the world around them and consider how everyday items might be reused in fascinating and inspiring ways. It was Patagonia who made tidal waves in the fashion world a few years ago by creating wearable fleeces from old plastic bottles


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