5 Mistakes Even Seasoned Travellers Make

5 Mistakes Even Seasoned Travellers Make

As a seasoned traveller, the stresses you faced in your first trips have likely all but disappeared over the years. Gone are the days of forgetting your toothbrush, as, by now, you’ve got the essentials locked down. But even those who feel like they spend more time in the air than with both feet on the ground can slip up. That’s why, in today’s post, we’ll be shedding some light on the pitfalls you often overlook, taking you through a number of trip-ups even the most seasoned travellers still make - as well as tips on how to avoid them.











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 1. Losing your luggage

There are few things worse than arriving at your destination and hearing that your luggage has somehow been misplaced en route. Whether it’s your favourite set of golf clubs or the skis you need for a competition, leaving prized possessions in the hands of airlines can be a risky business.

For ultimate peace of mind when you head overseas, consider putting your trust in an experienced luggage handler - ensuring your bags get from a to b on schedule and without fuss or damage.


 2. Failing to do your research

When booking online, even experienced travellers can fall into the trap of booking their accommodation based on the first website they visit - and this can lead to all sorts of issues. In the best case scenario, the pool isn’t as big as you thought it was - but in a worst case scenario, you arrive at your hotel and it doesn’t remotely resemble the online pictures. With the power of technology, hotels can turn an unappealing photo into a vision of luxury with the right angles and tools - so a quick glance of a website won’t always offer a true insight into what you can expect.

Whether you’re staying in a Lanzarote villa or a Manhattan apartment, do some digging and check out real reviews from the people who have been there before.


 3. Missing out on upgrades and perks












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If you’re flying out on a special occasion, letting the airline and hotel know in advance can unlock extra perks, and perhaps even an upgrade too! Many hotels will be willing to go the extra mile for guests who are celebrating, and by notifying them in advance, you could enjoy anything from a better seat on the plane to a more impressive view from your room.

Don’t be afraid to be vocal about an upcoming birthday or recent engagement - as many companies have a budget that allows them to offer extras for such occasions.


4. Packing too much in

When taking a trip, it can be tempting to fill your itinerary from the moment you rise until you go to bed, particularly if you’re travelling for business. But if you’re rushing from appointment to appointment without any downtime, this can have a seriously negative effect on your productivity. Whether you need to be on top of your game for that crucial client meeting or you want to truly appreciate the trip of a lifetime, without time to relax, you’ll end up feeling drained and other aspects of your trip won’t be as productive or enjoyable as they could be.

From indulging in a spa treatment to taking a stroll through the resort, it’s important to take a time out, so you can truly make the most of your business or leisure trip.


5. Tripping up on little things

You’ve perfected your packing and your suitcase is safe in the care of a trusted luggage handler, accommodation is organised and you’ve planned a realistic itinerary for your trip - what could possibly go wrong? All of these things are important, but it’s often the little things that experienced travellers still trip up on. From sticking to a realistic budget for your trip and ensuring you have change for taxi money to informing your phone and credit card company that you’re leaving the country, these seemingly less important aspects of travel often create unnecessary stress.

To ensure all bases are covered, create yourself a travel checklist that you can use time and again, adding on any issues you come up against so they can be avoided next time.


Whether it’s your 10th or 1000th time heading away on your travels, there’s always something that could go wrong, both before and during the trip. From being deceived by online accommodation to finding out your luggage is stuck at the previous airport, follow our top tips and remove as much stress as possible from your next trip.


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