The difference between Icebreaker Everyday and Oasis ranges

The difference between Icebreaker Everyday and Oasis ranges

A lot of our customers ask us the difference between the Icebreaker Everyday and Oasis ranges so we wanted to do a quick blog to explain the differences.

Ultimately the big difference between the two ranges is the construction of the fabric. 

The Oasis range is made from a tightly knit Jersey construction whereas the Everyday range is made from a Rib knit. Jersey fabrics will hold their shape perfectly after hours or days of wear whereas with a rib fabric you may find that the fabric will start to stretch out a bit and get baggier with time.

Icebreaker consider the Oasis range to be a premium range which is designed for customers who have perfect fit and technical function high on their tick lists.

If you're looking for a baselayer to wear while walking the dog, watching the kids play football, light hikes or any activity where the main function of the layer is too keep you warm then we recommend the Everyday range.

If however you're looking for a more technical base layer for a range of outdoor activities such as skiing, fitness or hiking and you're more concerned with the fit and appearance of the garment, while also being kept warm, then the Oasis range is the one for you!

We hope that you find this helpful in choosing your perfect baselayers!


 Everyday Range Oasis Range
Weight: 200gm 200gm
Fabric: Rib Knit Jersey Knit
Main Function: Warmth Fit, appearance, warmth
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