Best thermals for cold weather

Best thermals for cold weather

Winter is just around the corner which is leaving many people searching for the best thermals for cold weather. To answer that quickly the best thermals contain merino wool. 

Merino sheep live in the southern alps of New Zealand and survive extreme temperatures of 35°c in the Summer and -20°c in the Winter. The reason they survive is because of their wool fleece. This clever coat is temperature regulating meaning the sheep are kept cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. This is why Merino Wool works so well for us to wear as thermals. Below are the main benefits of wearing merino wool thermals:

Thermo Regulation:

Merino is an active fiber which takes in factors such as the wearer's body temperature and external conditions. In cold conditions your merino thermals will keep you warm, and in warm conditions they will keep you cool. 


Unlike regular wool, merino wool doesn't irritate the skin and therefore doesn't itch. The merino fibres are so fine that when in contact with the skin they bend. It is also hypoallergenic meaning it's great for people with eczema or allergies. 

Odour Resistant: 

The lanolin in merino wool prevents mildew and bacteria from building up on your clothing and any odour molecules are absorbed into the merino fibre stopping the build up of unpleasant odours.

Moisture Management: 

Merino wicks moisture away from the skin and into the atmosphere meaning you'll be kept drier for longer. Merino can absorb up to 35% of it's own weight before feeling wet. 

Long Lasting:

Although merino wool clothing tends to be more expensive than synthetic clothing it will last a lot longer meaning you won't have to repurchase every few months. Merino wool fibres can bend over 20,000 times without breaking so won't lose shape or get holes.


Choosing the thermals for you! 

Whether you're wanting thermals for underneath work clothes, for outdoor fitness, walking the dog or for a skiing trip we've got plenty of options to suit varying budgets, ages and styles. Below we show you the best products and brands:


The Best Entry Level thermals

 If you're looking for the more affordable entry level thermal then we highly recommend the comfort wool thermals by Brubeck. This clever range of seamless thermals contain 41% merino wool. The price starts at around £8 for thermal underwear and around £35 for a thermal long sleeve top. This range is perfect for people looking for merino wool thermals for everyday use such as work, travel and leisure. 



The Best thermals for everyday use

If you're looking for thermals for while you watch the kids play football, walk the dog or any activity where the main function is to keep you warm we recommend the Icebreaker Everyday range. This range is made from 100% merino wool in a 200gm weight in a rib knit fabric. Prices vary from around £35-65. 


Alternatively you may be interested in the small range of merino base layers by Howies. Made from a blend of 51% Merino wool and 49% Polyester microfibre. Priced between £55-65. These thermal baselayers have a more casual day wear look to them.


The Best Multi-functional thermals

 If you're looking for a base layer that not only looks great for leisure but is technical enough for activities such as skiing, hiking and fitness too then the Icebreaker Oasis range is for you. This range is made from 100% merino wool in a 200gm weight jersey knit fabric.


The Best Skiing thermals & Fitness thermals

If you're looking for thermals for high impact sports, fitness or skiing we have a few options for you.

Icebreaker's Zone Range is made from 200gm Merino wool and has been designed with multi-sport functionality in mind. Using their most advanced temperature regulating technology this range of thermal base layers traps heat where it's needed and releases it when working at high intensities! It also has strategically placed merino mesh for ventilation and added lycra for movement. 


Mons Royale also have a range of thermals for high performance use. Some styles even feature full merino mesh backs for ultimate breathability. Plus their new Merino Air-Con fabric is lighter, drier, stronger and naturally resists odour.


The Brubeck Active Wool Range is a cheaper option for active thermals with all options under £40. Made from a seamless design and 41% merino wool these thermals are designed to be as comfortable as a second skin and perfect for people looking for base layers for sports, fitness and other moderate to high energy activities.




We have a great range of thermals so we're certain we have what you're looking for. We have thermal long sleeve tops, thermal leggings, thermal sweaters and more. Shop our full range of thermals here

We hope this blog has been informative but if you have any more questions about our thermal base layers we'd be happy to help. Pop us an email to or call us on 01903 367200.


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