Gandys in Sicily!

We take great pride in the products that we stock here at Nature Shop. We wear and trial them before we make the decision to stock the product and once we are stocking the product, we make sure we wear it at any chance we can.

Recently our Gandys travelled to Sicily, where they were worn at the pool, at the beach, sightseeing in the gorgeous towns and also when walking within the Zingaro Nature Reserve after a quick dip at San Vito La Capo beach.  This we were surprised at, as usually we would be wearing our KEEN walking sandals, but having been at the beach first and making an impromptu visit to the Reserve, our Gandys did us proud and held up perfectly to the rugged & rocky trails of the reserve and the stony swimming coves there.

We knew Gandys were a great Flip Flop, having worn them here on the South Coast, UK and now we can now honestly say they are the most comfortable natural rubber Flip Flops we have worn ever while travelling and holidaying too!

They feel great and are super comfortable, they are fun and stylish with the cool and funky colours on offer. Plus they are a great alternative to our KEEN walking sandals when you want to put something on quickly for the beach or the pool........Or when you get caught out and need them for more demanding walking and terrain.

A great all round Flip Flop for the summer that is for sure!



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