How to dress for all weather conditions!

With the British weather being so unpredictable it's always worth being prepared and layering up to suit all weather conditions. Remember you can always remove layers if you get too hot!

One of our brand's, Icebreaker, is built upon the idea of layering clothing and their Merino Wool clothing is created from a system of lightweight layers designed to be layered together to create next to skin warmth. 

This idea came from the Merino sheep themselves; in the boiling hot New Zealand Summers the Merino Sheep have a light and breathable coat keeping them cool but when the Winter sets in, they grow another layer of wool over the base coat to keep them warm in the ice and snow. 

With this knowledge Icebreaker set about creating their range of Base layers, Mid layers and Outer layers, the ultimate wardrobe of layer-able clothing. When these garments are layered together, air is trapped between each layer to keep you super warm. 

Many people believe that Merino Wool is designed only to be worn in Winter as layers but actually their travel wear ranges are perfect for Summer too. Because Merino Wool is breathable, lightweight and quick drying, it makes great clothing for Summer and Travelling. It's thin natural fibres keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. 

As well as having layers, Icebreaker have different weights for their clothing so you can choose a weight depending on what you will be using the clothing for, and for what season:

130gm - Icebreaker's newest range of ultralight fabric, perfect for summer. 

150gm - Icebreaker's underwear and travel wear weight and is designed for all seasons. In Winter we recommend adding higher layers to keep you super warm. 

200gm  - designed for cool weather conditions - we find this the perfect base layer weight for British winters. 

240gm - Icebreaker have a range of sweaters in this weight which are perfect for cool weather.

260gm - designed for cold conditions -  perfect for if you're going Skiing, Snowboarding or travelling in cold conditions.

320gm - A range of sweaters perfect for cold conditions. 

If you're looking for a waterproof jacket then check out our range by Didriksons, the ultimate wet weather gear. Their products are both waterproof and windproof. As well as a range of adults' jackets, we also stock their amazing Kid's waterproof suits and coats. We also stock a range of Womens Wellies by Rockfish which are 100% waterproof and made from natural rubber. The perfect way to get your family outside even if it's raining. 





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