KEEN Footwear – Why it's so Good for You & the World around You

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KEEN footwear was born in 2003 with a really simple idea - could a sandal protect your toes? 

This idea offered with Keen's unique wide fit are the basis of this amazing brand. The wide fit at the forefoot accommodates a broad foot shape and allow the wearer to ‘relax’ in a fit that allows the toes to sit naturally. This broad fit is almost unique in the outdoor industry.

KEEN's expansion into Hiking/Walking shoes and Boots and their renowned sandals made Keen into a huge success and has grown KEEN’s fan base exponentially.

KEEN’s philosophy is very much about getting outdoors to have fun and by outdoors they mean anywhere without a roof! Their designs are all about accessibility for as many as possible with their multi-functional use. From park to seaside, hills and trails for all ages and abilities. KEEN’s Kids range is currently one of their fastest growing areas, as more and more parents see the benefits of their children having their toes protected whilst they are having fun. 

But KEEN is much more than just another footwear company. It is one that truly takes responsibility in both its manufacturing processes and by giving back to communities, charitable organisations and reacting to (and supporting) human tragedy’s around the globe. KEEN is committed to eradicating as many harmful substances from its manufacturing and protecting water sources from pollutants.

Currently they are working on a huge project in the USA called ‘Live Monumental’; a scheme to protect areas of natural beauty and wild lands from industry by working with government organisations to change legislation. They have a whole team in the Portland headquarters dedicated to these ideals and aims.

Launching this Winter KEEN are going to begin manufacturing some of its trail walking range here in Europe. This will use European sourced materials thus reducing the amount of ‘travel’ that raw materials undergo before they become finished product. It also confirms KEEN’s commitment to spread its manufacturing around the globe.

More details on this project can be found here:

- John Tarrant - Sales and Training Rep, KEEN


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