Gandys Flip Flops.

Gandys Flip Flops have been extremely popular with our customers this Summer due to their amazing prints, colours and ethical manufacturing but we wanted to share with you the tragic and inspirational story behind the creation of the brand. 


Rob and Paul the founders of Gandys had a unique upbringing. Their parents who were keen travellers decided that their children would benefit greatly from growing up experiencing other cultures and seeing the world, so in 2001 they took their children out of school and began their travels. After spending time volunteering in India the family travelled to Sri Lanka; the destination that would change their lives forever.


On Boxing Day 2004 the Tsunami hit the coastline of Sri Lanka and Rob and Paul tragically lost their parents. Devastated by their loss and with no passport, money or possessions the boys managed to get to the national airport 200km away with the help of the locals. 


Once back in London, with the support of friends and family Rob and Paul finished school, got jobs and saved up to continue their parent's dream of travelling the world; and determined to create something positive that would honor the spirit of their parents, the idea of Gandys Flip Flops was born!


To give back to the community that helped them through tragedy, they would create a range of Flip Flops and a percentage of every sale would be used to build orphanages and schools in the developing countries they had visited. In 2013 they also created the Gandys Foundation where people can donate directly towards opening children's homes across the globe and in 2014 they opened their first children's home in Sri Lanka. 


By buying a pair of Gandys Flip Flops you're helping Gandys  make an incredible difference to orphans all over the world. 


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