Wearing Merino Wool in the Summer!

Great news! Our customer service manager Josie just had her blog published on www.trustedclothes.com so we thought we would share the blog with our customers too!

Wearing Merino Wool in the Summer!

Many of our customers associate wool products with their Winter wardrobes but Merino Wool is in fact perfect for all year round use! Here's why:

Temperature Regulating:

Merino sheep live in extreme conditions on the New Zealand's Southern Alps and their fleecy coats are built for the extreme cold and heat of the seasons! In the Winter their coats keep them warm and insulated in temperatures of around -20°C and in the Summer their coats are breathable to keep them cool in temperatures of around 35°C and that's exactly how Merino Wool products perform for us when we're wearing them. This means that your same Merino Wool product can keep you lovely and warm in the Winter and cool and comfortable in the Summer! 

Merino wool also pulls moisture away from the skin which is then evaporated from the surface of the fabric. This prevents that wet clammy feeling and you'll be kept dry and comfortable. This amazing fabric can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture before you start to feel wet.

One of our brands Icebreaker has also developed a new range of Merino Wool clothing specifically for the Spring/Summer which is called Cool-Lite. This amazing range combines Merino Wool with Eucalyptus Tencel to create a fantastic range of lightweight Summer tops, hoodies and wraps! This great fabric is 40% cooler than 100% Merino products and absorbs 50% more moisture than Cotton!

Odor Resistant:

Because of the lanolin in the fibre Merino Wool products have anti bacterial properties which help prevent odor meaning that your clothes can be worn for weeks without being washed! This makes Merino Wool the perfect travel companion, especially if you're going on long trips or adventures without access to a washing machine! 

Natural Sun Protection:

Merino Wool has UV factor of between 30-50 UVP because the clever fibres absorb UV radiation. Although wearing Merino wool doesn't mean that you should stop wearing sun cream, it at least adds another layer of protection against harmful rays. 

Non itch & Hypoallergenic:

Traditional wool is itchy because the coarse fibres irritate the skin, this isn't the case with Merino wool because the fibres are so fine they don't irritate your skin or hair follicles, in fact you'll find Merino wool products to be extremely soft and comfortable against the skin. 

Merino wool is hypoallergenic, repels dust and does not contain harsh chemicals so it's great for people with asthma and allergies.

Easy Care: 

Merino Wool is machine washable, extremely quick drying and the thin fibres bounce back into shape meaning that you don't need to iron as the products won't crease. This again means Merino wool is perfect for travelling as your clothes won't crease in your back pack or suitcase. 

Long Lasting: 

Merino wool fibres are incredibly strong and can bend over 20,000 times without breaking. This allows your clothes to last for many seasons without losing shape or becoming holey.

Good for the environment: 

Merino wool is renewable and biodegradable fibre meaning that it is good for the environment. 

Here at Nature Shop we love our Merino Wool clothing and we wear it all year for all activities, including hiking, travelling and fitness! We stock three fantastic brands of Merino Wool Clothing. Icebreaker, Mons Royale and Smartwool!

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