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SmartWool Socks are here at Nature Shop!

Nature Shop are very pleased to be stocking SmartWool socks!  
These are known as the world's best performance socks on the market and have held that reputation for over two decades!

Made in America using the finest Merino Wool from New Zealand and Uruguay, the heart of the SmartWool products is the highest quality Merino Wool available, from sheep raised ethically in some of the most amazing places on earth.

The Sheep

SmartWool's Merino fibre comes from the Merino Sheep breed in New Zealand, an environment with one of the most demanding and varying conditions and climates in the world.  Because of these varying conditions, the sheep grow wool fibres that are ideal in length , thickness and colour for socks and clothing. These sheep have to acclimatise to harshly cold winters and scorching hot summers and this enables them to grow unique coats of wool that keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Their wool is whiter, lighter, finer, smoother and stronger than any other wool from other parts of the world.

The sheep roam freely within their sheep station (which are huge!) and are shorn once each year.  Electric hand clippers are used and with long, steady strokes, shearers can remove a fleece in one piece in three minutes.  

SmartWool only work with Merino partners that do not practice mulesing and were strong contributors in eliminating mulesing in New Zealand.

SmartWool work closely with New Zealand Merino to be able to trace their wool to the farm and to ensure every farm takes care of its sheep, its workers and its land.


ZQ Accredited 

SmartWool are committed to being an ethical, sustainable and responsible company.  They believe their products are best when they are made through fair, sustainable and mutually rewarding practices.

Their partner, the New Zealand Merino Company has developed ZQ, the world's first Merino Wool accreditation program. ZQ ensures environmental, social and economic sustainability and safeguards animal welfare.  The Merino sheep range freely within the most amazing natural settings.  The environment the sheep enjoy, contributes directly to the high quality of fibre that SmartWool uses.  SmartWool work closely with their Merino partners to ensure best practices are always used and in turn always pay fair prices.

Understanding ZQ Merino - Your guarantee of the best Merino Fibre

Not all Merino is created equal.  The global brands that partner with ZQ Merino have done their homework and taken the time to discover the difference.

Most merino is a faceless commodity, sold through an adversarial supply chain whose ultimate goal is lowest price.  ZQ Merino weaves human understanding with the natures brilliance to produce the worlds premium fibre. Working in synergy with its partners at every level, ZQ Merino delivers on authenticity and provenance, amplifying a brands reputation and the values it is able to offer to its customers. 

ZQ protects the natural cycle - the best fibre comes from happy, healthy sheep.  Happy healthy sheep come from healthy lands, healthy lands come from best practice and best practice comes from ZQ Merino grower partners.  ZQ merino fibre is backed by an on-farm accreditation programme that verifies the highest standard of quality and practice.  The quest for quality continues through every stage of the ZQ Merino value supply chain and product performance is substantiated through science and innovation programmes.

SmartWool - The Company

SmartWool are committed to being a responsible company.  They strive to leave a Smart footprint on Earth for future generations and bring to life SmartWool's philosophy to make a positive impact in the world in which we all live, play and do business.  

They do this by:

Advocacy: They support organisations that aim to protect the natural environment and who create opportunities for future generations to get outdoors.

Sustainability: SmartWool have created an environmentally responsible workplace by reducing their waste, recycling and composting,  rewarding alternative commuting and they promote sustainability as a core value through contributing to local initiatives.

Community Service: Giving back to their community is a priority for SmartWool and they give all their employees opportunities to do this individually and as a team.  All SmartWool employees are given 40 paid hours per year to volunteer with non-profit organisations.  Twice a year the offices are closed so everyone can participate in two company-wide full day events, Earth Day and Servapalooza.  A great way to give back to organisations that need it as well as creating a giving, caring community within their workplace.

SmartChange: SmartWool have a team devoted to identifying and supporting the SmartWool culture.  They sponsor and support ongoing conversations, education, recognition and annual company events within the SmartWool workplace to retain its values and keeping it the workplace to be proud of.

SmartWool Values

SmartWool Core Values: Compassion, active kindness and accountability to all people.

Humanity: Inclusion, respect for others and a willingness to set aside ones own interests for the common good.

Integrity: Embracing values inspired by community, honest or artistry.

Excellence: Seeking and achieving the highest sustainable standards.

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