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Do you love travelling but want to make your trips more eco friendly? Do you want to learn more about local communities, natural habitats and wildlife? If so check out fantastic travel company Eco Companion!

Eco Companion is an amazing company who recommend and collaborate with amazing eco-friendly travel providers. Whether you're looking for a short break away in an eco lodge at a Eco Farm in Denmark, an amazing stay in an eco Treehouse in South Africa, two weeks in Costa Rica, a trip to the Galapagas Islands or to work for a conservation project in Eastern Africa, they will have the perfect trip for you! 

Each trip has a cultural, economic and environmental rating and you'll not only find details about what you'll be doing on your travels but also how sustainable the experience is. There are many, many different types of experiences too, from working with and staying amongst wildlife, like the Porini Rhino Camp in Laikipia, Eastern Africa or helping with Elephant Conservation in Eastern Cambodia to discovering beautiful landscapes, like in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve in Southern Africa or the Amazon Forest in South Amercica, there is something for everyone!

They believe that the best holidays make their mark on your heart but not on the earth and that is why they only showcase trips that sustain local communities, natural habitats and wildlife.......they are our kind of people!

Eco Companion are working hard to showcase the best environmentally friendly eco holidays, eco tours, eco projects and eco lodges. They are set on helping people make more informed travel choices and believe that together we can change the way we travel

Nature Shop are proud to be affiliated with such an amazing company! Our only problem is now we want to go on ALL of the trips!

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