Women for Women Fundraiser

Women for Women Fundraiser


You may not know that Nature Shop is a small, independent e-commerce, whose daily operations are run entirely by two women. You may not know that we are organising a “Share Event” fundraising dinner! We are raising money to sponsor a woman in a war-torn country through a twelve-month education programme, provided by international charity Women for Women. We would love to grow this event beyond the warehouse doors and positively affect as many lives as possible, locally and within the countries of conflict.



Women for Women are an international charity that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives. One of the many heart-breaking stories told by the charity is of Women for Women graduate Fatuma from Rwanda, whose husband was murdered by machete in front of her eyes, before being told to choose to “either have sex with us or we will abort your child.” This horrific encounter is so far removed from the daily experiences we all face, that it is impossible to truly empathise with, but that doesn’t mean we cannot help and support these women as much as we can.


The charity delivers a one-year course which provides women with skills, resources and knowledge with training and opportunities. Across twelve months, the participants are taught about earning and saving money, how to connect to networks, how to make influencing decisions, about developing health and well-being, and taught a trade so they can create their own business. It also teaches men the importance of respecting women and how they can change their thinking and actions daily.


The charity has created a cookbook called “Share”, packed with recipes for meals to be cooked and shared with large groups with the goal of raising money to pay for the £264 per participant course and encouraging face-to-face discussion. This is what Nature Shop owner Mel Piagesti has set out to do. By inviting 24 people to create and share a meal from the book and donate £10, her aim is to help one more woman take part in the educational programme. We are lucky enough to have the support of Nat West, who have generously said they will match fund what Nature Shop manage to raise, so if we exceed our target, more women will benefit.


The event will be hosted in our Worthing based warehouse and include a talk from the inspirational Adventurer, Public Speaker and Mountaineer, Holly Budge about her experiences of being a female climber on an expedition of Mount Everest. Mel hopes that this event will inspire her guests, by seeing how simple and casual the event is to create and organise, to start their own 'Share Event'  fundraisers and grow her own one into a larger venue that will really expand the causes efficacy and awareness.  


Mel explains “As a woman and a mum of two kids, I can't even imagine or comprehend what these women have had to deal with and to live through, let alone be in their shoes and try to survive, whilst also caring for their children. We know these atrocities are happening, but often when things are out of sight, we become too preoccupied in our own busy lives and get wrapped up in our own problems. Problems that don't even compare to those of these women.  If we can sponsor a woman to make her life positive and hopeful, and help her create a more sustainable way to live, to care for herself and her children. It not only gives her hope, but her children hope as well. And it lets her know she is not alone and we do care. I think even the little things can make a difference."



More information about Women for Women can be found at www.womenforwomen.org.uk. If you would like to donate towards our current fundraiser, please donate here on our Virgin Money Page. If you would like to get involved in future events, please contact us at contact@natureshop.co.uk. 



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