KEEN Kids' Sandals!

KEEN Kids' Sandals!

We have been wearing KEEN Footwear for years and so have our Kids! They live in their pair of KEEN sandals all summer long.

KEEN kids sandals are a hugely versatile sandal, perfect for hiking, nature walks, biking, days at the beach, beach hopping, climbing rocks, on holiday, pretty much perfect for all activities.

The best things about KEEN sandals are:

  • That they are super comfortable, durable and will last well beyond a season, so when the kids grow out of them, you can pass them down to the next lucky sibling, cousin or friend.
  • The secure fit lace system with the toggle, makes them super easy for kids to put on themselves.
  • The KEEN.Protect rubber sole which wraps up over their toes, so their toes are always protected, which means they are free to run, jump, hop, pedal, skip.........and you can have the peace of mind that they are not going to stub their toes.
  • The bright and colourful styles, perfect to feel and look good and brighten up any kids feet!

Our kids live in their KEEN sandals all summer! Our son doesn't reach for anything other than his KEEN Newport sandals, which are so comfortable for him and easy to wear as he throws himself into all sorts of activities. Our daughter loves her KEEN Whisper sandals in Purple, they are not only comfortable for all the outdoor activities she does, but they are cute and can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans as well as outdoor gear.

If you would like any advice of which KEEN sandals are best for your child, then please dont hesitate to give us a call or email us on  We are always very happy to help!


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