The Lake District - Never a Dampened Spirit

The Lake District - Never a Dampened Spirit

One of the jewels in England’s crown remains the stunningly beautiful Lake District, that was devastatingly damaged through the multiple floods of the previous two years. However, with determination, pride, exceptional efforts and nationwide support, the Lakes have, for the most part, recovered and the area is revitalised, replenished and as inviting as ever. The Lake District is the Uk’s most visited and largest national park, making the area one of the most important tourist destinations for the nation. It is no surprise that the Lake District welcomes so many thousands of visitors each month. The breathtaking scenery, quintessential independent stores, first rate hotels and exceptional entertainment offerings make this a destination to rival any globally. However, when the weather devastated the area, locals and tourists were heartbroken to recognise that extensive investments, both financially and personally, would be needed to renew the area.

With government support, unwavering labour and dedication, the commitment of those who undertook to repair buildings, towns, roads and bridges has seen the Lake District rise as beautifully as ever and with a revitalised commitment to the enjoyability of the Only a few days ago, the main link between Kendal and Keswick, the A591, was reopened, allowing for ease of travel and breathtaking views of surrounding areas, including Windermere. This development is not only a significant improvement for tourists and commuters, but economically, the repair and reopening of this road will promote a substantial economic growth in the area. It is estimated that the closure of the A591, which had been out of use since December 2015, has resulted in a financial loss of some £1 million per day to the area.

This loss only further inhibited potential for recovery for locals businesses, amenities and attractions and so the reopening of this road breathes new life, both economically, socially and emotionally into the sublime, though weather-beaten gem. Although the weather can not be controlled and there are limits to preventative measures that can be adopted in order to minimise damages such as those suffered in the Lake District, local inhabitants and business owners have proudly and assertively repaired the beloved area and give us yet another reason to love the Lakes. Local authorities, residents and company owners have responded to the devastation with determination and continue to maintain a positive and hardy attitude to the reestablishment of last year’s record visitor numbers. With the promise of a scorching summer and with the nation’s support, it is hoped that Cumbria will be as enticing and successful as ever.

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