KEEN Sandals for Kids

Here at Nature Shop we try to get across to our customers about how important it is to us to stock high quality brands that will last season after season.  How we dont want to stock 'throw away fashion' or 'fast fashion' and only stock brands with premium products that we know are going to live up to what they say.

KEEN Footwear is definitely one of those brands that produces footwear with durability and longevity in mind.  Not only are the KEEN sandals stylish, fun & colourful, they are super comfy, durable and so versatile!  Wear them biking, hiking, walking, travelling, exploring, at the beach, rock hopping or just for every day wear.  Find yourself a style and colour that you can dress up or dress down, depending on the activity and they will be your 'go to' sandal for the summer.

We have been wearing KEEN Footwear for a long time and swear by them, for us and our kids.  Our son (who is 6) absolutely thrashes and trashes his shoes, I dont know how, but 'boy oh boy' he can go through shoes! Last year he had his first pair of KEEN Kids Newport sandals and he didn't wear any other shoe all summer! He wore them at the beach, on his bike, playing in the park, into town shopping, hiking on the South Downs, on holiday to Sicily, camping at Sumners Pond (the most gorgeous campsite in Sussex!)......he wore them everywhere.  The KEEN leather kids Newport sandal did not disappoint and they did not wear out! They are still going strong this summer and he is back in them, wearing them everywhere. They will easily last another summer and after that, he'll be needing a new size.  They may be slightly more expensive than the sandals you can get from Next, M&S, Supermarkets or the usual High Street stores, but when you look at how long they last and how versatile and comfortable they are, then they are worth every penny!

Our daughter (who is 9) is onto her 3rd pair of KEEN kids sandals.  She had her first pair at 4 years old, which she grew out of and they were passed down to her cousins.  Last year she wore the KEEN Kids Whisper sandals and not only are they super cute and versatile, she also wore them for everything I mentioned above.  Being her and wanting a choice of footwear (as some girls do), they weren't the only footwear she wore all summer as a girl needs a pretty party shoe (or 2), but they were the 'go to' sandal for all outdoor activities, travel and camping.  And surprise, surprise........they are still going strong this year and she'll wear them until she grows out of them.

For us here at Nature Shop we are passionate about kitting people out in the right gear to enjoy being active and outdoors, hence the reason we are passionate about KEEN Footwear as they really do kit the whole family out........and last!

Shop all Kids KEEN Footwear HERE.

KEEN Kids Sandals perfect for travel (2015)


Perfect for exploring Mt Etna (2015)


KEEN Kids Sandals, the perfect footwear for camping & collecting worms (2015)

Still going strong a year later for cycling in The Netherlands (April 2016)

 Shop all Kids KEEN Footwear HERE.




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