Recycled Flip Flop Bracelets


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Handmade, recycled flip flop bracelets


These unique rubber bracelets are handmade by artisans in Mali using recycled flip flops that wash up onto the shores of the Niger river. Each bracelet is one of a kind and made with love.




The Bozo ( Boso, Sorogo, Tieyaxo Bozo) tribe are sometimes referred to as the "masters of the river" as traditionally they made a living from fishing. However due to a steady decline of fish in the Niger River, the Bozo women have utilised their skills and have taken advantage of the high number of flip flops floating in the river by melting them down and turning them into gorgeous bracelets and necklaces. 

Originally made by just a few families, the designs are now made by over 80 men and women in the Bozo tribe in Mali.




After collecting the flip-flops from the shores of the Niger River, the artisans clean them and cut them into small squares. The squares are then placed on a spike, melted into long rubber strands and bent into a bracelet shape where the melted rubber binds together.

These unique flip flop bracelets come in a range of colours. Choose one of our pre-made packs or buy a few packs to mix and match! The bracelets are a one size fits all and can be rolled over the wrist.