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Lefrik | Eco Friendly Fabric

100% Recycled Bags and Traveling Accessories


Established in 2012, Lefrik started designing urban bags, backpacks and travel essentials using the highest quality eco-friendly fabrics made out of recycled plastic PET bottles.

Lefrik was born to solve travel and city commuting problems by providing the most fashionable and functional bags for the modern digital nomad. They offer conscious consumers access to innovative products that while still being cool and savvy, are made avoiding the use of more natural resources.



Lefrik contributes to the environment by reducing the use of virgin polyester and rather extending the life of discarded plastic bottles, while saving energy in the production process.

Lefrik is also vegan and has been approved by the animal welfare organization PETA.

Their products are designed in Spain and ethically manufactured in Asia. The products are made in Asia because they have the best techniques in making polyester out of recycled plastic PET bottles.



Quality, traceability and sustainability are the mottos of Lefrik's business model, covering the entire product life cycle end to end, with the clear goal of achieving a circular model which is capable of recycling the products they create.

They aspire to being known not only for their products, but for their commitment, humility, capacity of work and ability to solve problems. They will only work with partners who not only comply with their sustainable criteria based on the best possible social and environmental practices but who also share their belief in doing the right thing for the people and for the planet.

Lefrik work by the following policies:

REFUSE: Refuse disposable plastic wherever and whenever possible

REDUCE: Reduce their plastic footprint. They do not use any virgin plastic

REUSE: Lefrik products are created with durability in mind and they offer a repair service so their customers don't produce excess waste

RECYCLE: What they can't reduce, reuse or refuse they recycle. From source to manufacturing to distribution to disposal.



All of Lefrik products are made of 100% recycled polyester fabric from PET bottles waste. Producing recycled polyester is better for the climate, it creates 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester and reduces water use by 90%. 

Using only two fabrics (GRS certified) allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their production efficiency.

All Lefrik fabrics are certified by the Global Recycled Standard and their factories are audited by SEDEX and has passed the SMETA 4 Pillars in ethical practices. Their products have been approved as vegan by the animal welfare organisation PETA.