Felted Wool Slippers




Felted Wool Slippers

Nature Shop stock an amazing range of felted wool slippers by the brand Egos. 

All Egos slippers are hand crafted in Nepal by the Danish company Én Gry & Sif which has worked with the production of felt products in Nepal since 2000.

The company is certified by the World Trade organization and as such as work is carried out under fair and orderly conditions and the workers are paid a decent wage for their work.

Manufacturing Process

  • The slippers are designed in Denmark
  • The raw wool from New Zealand sheep is dyed with eco friendly dyes
  • The wool is carded.
  • The carded wool is then shaped and soapy water is massaged into it causing the small fibers to link together
  • The wet slippers are then dried in the sun
  • The suede sole is sewn on