Én Gry & Sif


Én Gry & Sif | Scandinavian Handmade Design

Felted Wool Flowers


Én Gry & Sif are unique, handmade felted wool flowers made by artisans in Nepal. Fairtrade certified and dyed using eco-friendly dyes these flowers will make a nice addition to your home or as a gift.




Én Gry & Sif flowers are handmade in Nepal. Inspired by classic Danish design traditions the flowers are simple yet stunning. Because the flowers are handmade each one will be unique. 

The flowers come in a range of natural and bright colours, mix and match your colours or create a bunch with just one colour. 

The flowers are made using pure natural wool from New Zealand and dyed using eco-friendly colours. 



Én Gry & Sif are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and all their workers are paid a fair wage. Most of the artisans employed by Én Gry & Sif are women who use their income to support their families. 

The Nepalese artisans are extremely skilled in what they do and they use ancient Nepalese techniques to felt the wool into the flower shapes.

The flowers are made using raw wool from New Zealand sheep which is felted to make their gorgeous designs.

The raw wool is first dyed using eco-friendly colours then the wool is rubbed together with soapy water and the shape of the flower is formed. The flowers are then left to dry in the sun.