egos felted wool slippers


Egos | Fair Trade Slippers

Handmade, felted wool slippers from Nepal


Egos Felted Wool Slippers are felted wool slippers that are handmade in Nepal. 

These slippers are the perfect pick if you're looking for a blend of luxurious comfort and style. They are temperature regulating, breathable and Fair Trade Certified.



Egos Copenhagen slippers are designed in Denmark and made in Nepal. Inspired by classic Danish design traditions the slippers are manufactured with simplicity and functionality. 

Because the slippers are made from wool they have an amazing capacity to insulate while remaining breathable. In the Summer your feet will be kept cool and in the Winter they'll be kept nice and snug. The natural lanolin in the wool also makes the slippers resistant to moisture, dust, dirt and odour.

The slippers come in a range of natural and bright colours, there's a style to suit everyone!




Egos Copenhagen are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and all their workers are paid a fair wage. As well as employing Nepalese artisans to make the slippers, they also provide financial support to local orphanages and have been involved in various development projects in collaboration with local NGOs, such as the TEWA women organisation, and DANIDA.

Making these felted wool slippers takes time and requires skills. One artisan is able to make two pairs of the slippers per day. 




The Egos slippers are made using raw wool from New Zealand sheep which is felted to make their gorgeous designs.

The raw wool is first dyed using eco-friendly colours then the wool is mapped and the work on the shape of the shoe can begin. The wool is carded and formed around the shoe last using soapy water to make the wool cling.

The slippers are then left to dry in the sun and once dry an extra layer of felt is added into the slipper for added comfort and the suede sole is sewn on.