Earth Friendly© Starlightz


Starlightz |Earth Friendly©

Stunning handmade paper lamps

Starlightz lamps by Earth Friendly© are made by artisans in India who combine traditional Indian patterns and painted paper techniques with modern, western design. 



In 1995 Earth Friendly started manufacturing their illuminated paper stars, trademarked as starlightz.

To this day they have sold more than 4 million pieces and say their success comes from using natural materials, fair working conditions for all staff and the extremely high quality that comes from hand making the lamps. 

The detail within these lamps is incredible; with over fifty tiny pieces of colourful tissue paper. The paper is glued onto the star shape and hand punched to create these unique designs. The artisans then combine special silk screen printing and paper folding techniques to give colour and shape to the lamps.



Around 85 full-time employees work at their two sites in Goa and Mumbai