Nature Shop Review: Brubeck

Nature Shop Review: Brubeck


We put our money where our mouth is here at Nature Shop and we ensure that we try as many of the products we stock as possible.  Or at least a good selection from each brand. 
If we tried every single item, our wardrobes and drawers would be bursting, as much as we love our products, we don't believe in excess. So we make sure we wear and use something from every range that comes in each season from every brand.

For new brands and products that we stock, we make sure we test the products before we have committed to having them on our shelves and on our site.

We need to make sure all our products live up to the quality that Nature Shop expect and only want to sell to our customers.


It's not only Josie or Mel that are lucky enough to test the products, but we test them out on our lucky other halves, the Nature Shop kids and friends to ensure we are stocking the perfect products for Nature Shop.



'The Brubeck Seamless Cotton Boxer Shorts look quite small when you get them out of the box, but they're not and they fit perfectly to size.  They mould to your body and have been really comfortable under jeans, work gear or whatever I am wearing.'   


'Love the feel of the Brubeck Seamless Merino Wool Boxer Shorts, you can hardly feel you have underwear on.  The are light and very breathable, so never get too hot.  They also wash well'.


'The look and feel of the new Brubeck Active Wool Range is great and these Active Wool boxers are really comfortable.  I thought they might be slightly on the hot side, but they're not at all.  Very comfortable and breathable, hardly feel like I have them on. I'm also impressed with the seamless technology and where they have the mesh panels for areas to breathe more or padded more.  It's amazing how they can do it so well.'








'I've been testing this Brubeck Active Wool Long Sleeve Top out for work and love it.  I've worn many baselayers and wondered if this would be as good.  It definitely is, keeps me at the perfect temperature on my train trip to work and is so soft and comfy, I hardly feel it on.  I love the colour and it washes well too.'








'Great pair of Leggings, these have been perfect for winter days, working and hiking.  Very comfortable and the panelling for breathability is in strategic areas, so I have been able to wear them under my PPE at work without overheating at all.  Spot on with the functionality and price with these Brubeck Extreme Wool Leggings.'







'I've been wearing this to work all winter.  I alternate this top with my other baselayers and find this performs really well.  It's a snug fit, which is great for me as I wear it under other tops and PPE on the job.  The panelling and 3D technology of the Brubeck Extreme Merino Wool top is amazing, keeps me warm, but breathable at the same time. Feels excellent quality and has washed really well'.






'I ordered myself 6 pairs of these socks to wear all winter.  The price is excellent and because they are for work, I didn't want to spend more on work socks.  The padding is excellent in these Brubeck Wool Socks, they are really warm and they have washed brilliantly.  I would imagine these being excellent for the snow and mountains, but they are also perfect for when you need long, warm woollen socks.'




'Hugely impressed with these products, they feel great on and function exactly how they are supposed to.  Their seamless technology with the strategic panelling in the products is really impressive, panelling on its own is great, but to be able to produce products with that and stay seamless, its a huge feature of Brubecks and makes the products so comfortable. Having tried and tested a good range of their products, Im totally sold on what Brubeck make and I definitely give their products a good run for their money.  Wearing these to work outside all day, they need to be good durable products as well as comfortable, and they have certainly ticked all the boxes for me. Five stars!'


More reviews to come from Mel, Josie and The Nature Shop Kids on the womens and kids Brubeck products. Watch this space.


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