Top 5 Festival Camping Tips 2017

Top 5 Festival Camping Tips 2017

Festival Camping Tips

The festival season is nearly over, but there are still a few big ones left on the horizon. Boomtown and Boardmasters are happening this weekend. Greenman is coming up next week. Creamfields, Shambala, Reading and Leeds at the end of August. And Bestival in September will be wrapping up the main UK offerings. It has never been a better time to be a live music fan, as many tastes are being catered for.

The organisers have spent years creating the friendly, safe and fun environments to enjoy yourself, but they can only do so much. If you want to get the most out of the tune-filled long weekends, here are my top 5 tips for music festival camping in the UK.


1. Get Creative With Your Living Space

After a night of singing and dancing to your favourite acts, it is very easy to forget where your tent has been pitched in the sea of identical tents in low lighting. Use brightly coloured decorations, UV paint or a distinctive flag to guide your way home.

At Reading Festival, I once told a late-comer friend that we were under the Jolly Roger flag. Unbeknown to me, there were around 20 identical flags in our area, which caused my friend to spend some good extra hours navigating all the surrounding pirate camps before finally stumbling across ours!


2. Prepare for the cold, then prepare some more.

I know it is tempting to see the sun blaring out the window on Thursday morning, accompanied by an optimistic 5-day forecast predicting a scorcher, and to only pack a pair of shorts and your lucky vest. Don’t be fooled! This is still the UK. Winter is always coming.

For convenience and performance, we cannot recommend base layers enough to keep you in comfort until that eagerly anticipated hour-long shower on Monday night. They may appear to be a skier’s attire of choice, but these are extremely comfortable articles of clothing that can be worn under anything. With the perks of heat-regulation and odour control, they can keep you feeling fresher that extra bit longer and avoid the infamous post festival flu.

More a T-shirt kinda person? Merino Wool T-shirts are also temperature regulating (keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold), odour resistant and pull sweat away from the body. 

Recommendation: Thermal Leggings. Thermal Underwear. Merino Wool Base Layers. Merino Wool T-Shirts


3. Do Not Pitch Near A Path Or Toilet Area.

Just don’t.


4. Bring Entertainment

Yes, festivals are the entertainment, but the music usually starts at midday, with the shop stalls opening not so long before that.

Bring engaging and portable group items, such as blow-up beach balls, cards, water bombs, etc, so you and your friends can play together and even make friends with the neighbouring campsite!

Those mornings where you are the first to wake up can stretch out for a long time, especially if it is raining outside. As much as I don’t recommend electronics, a kindle can be great for drifting away into fantasy for a few hours while the rain settles and heads start popping out of tents again.


5. Pack Smart

Due to the weather being less predictable than a Windows 10 update, it is common to pack for all occasions, but this takes up essential room for food and entertainment. Then you have to worry about the weight of carrying your camping equipment and possibly a crate of beverages from the local Threshers!

Save the maximum amount of weight and space by choosing a large, comfortable backpack with separated compartments and by packing clothes which can easily fold down and endure the random British weather. Your legs will thank me when it is time to pitch up!

Recommendation: Patagonia Backpack (28L), Icebreaker Tech Lite T Shirt.


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