The Best Times for Prime Scottish Ski Conditions

One of the greatest obstacles to enjoying skiing is the limitations of weather and mountain conditions, meaning that for many, the ski season ceases at the end of April. However, excitingly, it seems that Scotland is offering winter sport lovers the opportunity to extend their enjoyment through prime conditions in Cairngorm. Cairngorm is located in the eastern highlands of Scotland and are a breathtaking range of mountains that exude wilderness, excitement and enticing challenges. Cairngorm is the UK’s most popular ski destination and with the outstanding scenery, warm Scottish hospitality and superb slopes, it’s no surprise that the area attracts skiers from far and wide.

The resort is considered to be one of the most family-orientated ski destinations and is applauded for the friendly welcome, excellent ski school and safe environment. The management of Cairngorm resort are also keen to remain flexible with regards to the lift open times and dates and allow the weather and mountain conditions to dictate the season closure. This means that skiers can benefit from an additional fortnight of enjoyment, if not longer. This year, the end of April saw, despite poorer visibility than would have been liked, extensive powdery snowfall, marking an excellent opportunity to elongate the ski season. The area is experiencing similar fortunate snowfall amounts as other locations throughout Europe, such as Tignes and Staad in Switzerland and it is widely hoped that such conditions are repeated annually.

When the vast majority of alternative domestic ski locations have closed, Cairngorm and its 30km of pistes, still has six out of 11 lifts running. These additional days of skiing can be considered as the prime time as they offer less hostile weather, softer snow and minimal congestion on the slopes. With a host of runs and a superb team of expert skiers who are familiar with the area, Cairngorm proves to be an enticing destination.

Cairngorm also benefits from being located superbly, allowing visitors to enjoy a varied holiday in the area, should conditions not allow for skiing on all days. Being situated less than 10 miles away from Aviemore, visitors are able to choose between a peaceful retreat of a mountain setting or a lively excursion to a bustling town with a host of bars, eateries and entertainment options. Despite being in the Highlands, the area is incredibly easy to access, with an overnight sleeper train giving a link between the region and London.

What is all the more enticing are the favourable rates and charges of Cairngorm. A day lift pass for the slope is £35 for an adult and just £21 for a child. Season pass holders who want to introduce their friends to skiing or snowboarding are offered the opportunity to bring them along for just £10 on a weekday. Current prices and conditions can be found at


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