KEEN Uneek O2 Review

KEEN Uneek O2 Review
Here at Nature Shop we are extremely passionate about all the products and brands we sell.  We want to make sure that all the products stand up to Nature Shop's high standard and one of us always tests what we can from each brand and season's range.
Seeing KEEN Uneeks are new to our range this summer, we all had get a pair each and try them out.  
Here is the Nature Shop verdict:
Rico is a huge fan of any shoe that is innovative, unique and doesn't follow the status quo.  So getting him a stand out pair of Forrest Green KEEN Uneek O2 shoes was a great way to test them  "the Uneeks are surprising really comfortable, I thought they would take a bit of getting used to, but they are so light, they just mold with your foot. I love footwear that is different and pushes the boundaries a bit, these KEEN are different and a great alternative to wearing trainers in the summer".

We've only had them for a short while, but the KEEN Uneeks are great for hiking, walking, biking, the beach, the park......pretty much everything! They are going to be a great travel shoe as well. Nice and light and easy to wear what ever you are doing on your holiday.
Mel has a pair too, hers are the Seaport Blue and she loves them.  "We absolutely love how different and unique these KEEN shoes are. And once we tried them on, we knew we had to stock them for this summer.  They are so light and comfortable and are really are such a great footwear for the summer and warmer months. It's great to find something a little bit 'Unique' for Nature Shop, I've already had a lot of comments about them and they are a great option for a versatile summer shoe/sandal."
The perfect footwear for a hike up at Devils Dyke on the South Coast and just as good for running down the beach chasing seagulls, and even smart enough to wear for a birthday dinner.
Kids Uneek Verdict as told by Matteo (the 7 year old Nature Shop Kid) "I love my Uneeks, they are so comfy, I can hardly feel I have them on. I can run, jump, bike and climb trees. They are really cool and I love the colour".
Matteo usually has one pair of KEEN sandals he wears all summer.  His last pair of KEEN Newport sandals lasted him 2 summers and we even handed them down after he grew out of them.  He is not easy on his shoes either, he absolutely thrashes them and that is why KEEN shoes and sandals are so good.  They really do last the distance.

Next order is for Izzi (the 10 year old Nature Shop Kid), thinking she may not like them, (10 year old girls can be fussy) we didn't get her a trial pair. But she loves them and is dying for a pair of the women's purple (Astral Aura/Liberty), so a special order will be going in for her size.

So the Nature Shop Verdict is a positive one all round.  
We will add Izzi's comments once she has her pair and pics too.
Looking at the response we have had from them so far, we think the Uneeks are going to be one of Nature Shop's top sellers this summer.
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