Modal fabric is becoming more and more popular in the clothing world due to it's environmentally friendly production and incredible softness. 

Benefits of Modal: 

  • Twice as soft as cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Shrink resistant
  • Fade resistant

Modal is extremely popular in the production of nightwear as the unique fabric improves the quality of your sleep by keeping the body at the optimum temperature. It has been highly recommended for people suffering night sweats or the menopause. It's also popular for underwear and clothing that sit next to the skin so you can really benefit from the extreme softness.

There are several types of Modal but Micromodal® Air is the softest you can get due to the incredibly fine fibre used. 

Micromodal® is a globally registered brand of Lenzing AG. Customers can be sure that when the clothing label says Micromodal® they're guaranteed to have a high quality, extremely soft product which has been produced using environmentally friendly processes. Micromodal® has been awarded the 'Confidence in Textiles' label by Oeko-Tex®, meaning that it has been successfully tested to be free from harmful substances.


Modal is a cellulosic fibre made out of wood from Beech Wood trees. These trees are completely sustainable as they multiply by rejuvenation which means that the trees propagate by themselves rather than having to be planted, and no chemicals are needed.

Lenzing Modal® is produced in an environmentally friendly way with a process called Edelweiss Technology where up to 95% of the production materials are recovered as a result of the innovative environmental processes. Edelweiss technology uses only oxygen based chemistry for the entire production from pulp to fibre and is the only Modal fibre which meets the highest environmental standards and is CO2 neutral.  



It also has the lowest consumption of fossil energy (even less than cotton) as the energy required is released within the manufacturing process, meaning no additional energy is needed.

80-90% of the water used for the production of Lenzing Modal® is cooling water which is immediately returned to surface waters without contamination. Consumption of water is also 10-20% less than the production of cotton. 

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