Merino Wool for Eczema

Merino Wool for Eczema

New research has shown that merino wool reduces the symptoms of eczema and atopic dermatitis


Sufferers of eczema have skin that dries out leading to redness, itchy skin, skin cracking and infection and for many years sufferers have been told to avoid wool clothing.

However recent clinical trials published in the journal of British Dermatology looked at the effects of superfine merino wool on participants with mild to moderate eczema and atopic dermatitis and found merino is actually a beneficial eczema treatment. The two trials funded by The Woolmark Company show that both adult and child suffers of eczema had reduced symptoms when wearing merino wool clothing next to the skin. 


Trials & Findings

The first trial was conducted by at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and the study was on 40 babies and young children under the age of 3.  Associate Professor John Su describes their findings below:

 “We found that wearing superfine Merino wool led to an overall greater improvement in eczema, when compared with wearing outfits made of cotton” 

When comparing Merino with cotton, there are also other inherent differences in fibre properties: Merino’s greater ability to transfer moisture vapour and heat than the other major apparel fibres enable it to maintain a more stable microclimate between the skin and the garment.


The second trial conducted by QIDerm also found the benefits of merino wool on eczema sufferers when all of their participants showed substantially reduced symptoms. 

Dr Lynda Spelman explains their findings:

We have seen substantial reductions in skin dryness, redness and itchiness and in the measured area of inflammation - and for a number of the patients, this is the first time a real solution to their condition has been presented,”

“Wool is a hygroscopic fibre which has the ability to absorb up to 36% of its weight in water and create a thermal buffer between the skin and the external environment. The wool appears to be keeping the moisture content of the wearer’s delicate skin at the levels it should be, preventing it from becoming too dry and therefore reducing the risks of bacterial infection and the desire to scratch the itch"


Why Merino Wool doesn't itch

  • Merino is twice as fine as regular wool
  • The fibres are more flexible and bend softly when pressed against the skin rather than pricking the skin like traditional wool
  • Merino wicks moisture away from the skin to keep the skin's moisture levels at their optimum
  • Merino is temperature regulating, the fabric reacts to your body temperature to keep you at the perfect temperature
  • The lanolin in the wool prevents bacteria build up reducing the risk of infection


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