Icebreaker's Jeremy Moon on business development

There are few business minds that see change as a worrying thing and some of the most successful actively seek out opportunities to evolve in order to remain current and meet the needs of their customers. Jeremy Moon, founder of one of our brands, Icebreaker is keen to promote the belief that change is necessary in order to cement continued success.

Jeremy recognises that passion and confidence is key to securing the ability to adopt change and that with the strength to maintain excitement for your brand, comes the possibility to engage in innovative design and forward thinking.

Speaking to, Jeremy details that “a business requires constant reinvention based around a clear vision and a core set of ideas. At Icebreaker we refer to it as "shedding skin". We do this every 2-3 years, often quite radically, to ensure we stay relevant. If the external rate of change is higher than the internal rate of change, I believe it should be a watch out. It also keeps the journey exciting”.

Through acknowledging that change benefits not only the customer but the team too, Jeremy cements an atmosphere around his brand like no other. The willingness to adapt and the enthusiasm to seek out sometimes dramatic changes is refreshing and inspiring - a direct reflection of Icebreaker’s products.

Icebreaker’s range is based around 100 percent merino wool and the clothing range is a fascinating concept that allows outdoor lovers to benefit from exceptional versatility from their clothes. Icebreaker swiftly became New Zealand's leading outdoor-clothing producer and exporter and has enjoyed continued success, in no small part down to the brand’s capability to revitalise and review its model.

Recently Icebreaker have added an exciting new range to their collection. The Cool-lite range is made from a blend of merino wool and eucalyptus tencel which was created specifically for Summer and is 60-70% cooler than other merino wool fabrics.

Jeremy Moon is a pivotal and pioneering figure in the sustainable business arena and was awarded with the accolade of being named a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) in 2008 for his services to business. With commitment to his own brand as well as a host of business training programs, charity work and educational roles, it is clear to see why Jeremy is such an inspirational and successful business figure.

With so much investment into various business considerations, Jeremy’s enthusiasm for new concepts is infectious. He is quick to highlight that he is still fascinated and excited by designing a business from scratch and maintaining the customer needs at the heart of all developments. He is inspired by those with courage to pursue their goals and motivated by those who share his passion for the journey that a business can take. With continued support offered to young entrepreneurs and increasing success for Icebreaker, we can hope that advice and training from Jeremy continues to inspire us all.

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