Get inspired with 101 Adventurers!

Get inspired with 101 Adventurers!

Get Inspired with 101 Adventurers!

Are you looking for a new challenge this year? Do you need some inspiration?

Our brand ambassador Holly Budge was recently awarded number 6 on the 101 adventurers list. This list was put together by to inspire people to build up the courage they need to live a more adventurous life. To see more, do more and feel more!

With that in mind they chose their top 101 adventurers and listed information about their achievements and top tips on how other people can get involved. 

When reading the list one of the quotes stuck with us:

"If you break things down into achievable smaller goals, and don't make any excuses until you reach them, you will bey default always get what you want." - James Ketchell

You don't have to go from being a couch potato to leaping out of planes or hiking everest, instead build small goals and start your own bucket list. To help you on your way 101adventurers have listed their mini and micro goals. 

Below are some of our favourites:

  • Three Peaks Challenge
  • Sleep Outside under the stars
  • Dive into wild swimming
  • Dip your toe into paddleboarding

We're super excited to get a few of these ticked off our list!

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