5 Planet-Friendly Purchases for a Better You in 2018

5 Planet-Friendly Purchases for a Better You in 2018
As we dive deeper into 2018, many of us have tried (and many failed) to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Whether you wanted to hit the gym five days a week, cut down on fast food consumption or take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, there are hundreds of possible ways you might want to improve yourself in the months ahead. But this year, rather than looking inwards, why not look outwards instead? With the planet feeling strain under the weight of our lifestyles, it’s important we think about the direction that Earth is heading - and what we can do to plot its course.


You don’t have to overhaul your lifestyle to improve our planet’s prospects; with every purchase, you have the power to contribute to its future. That’s why, in today’s post, we’ll be taking you through 5 ways you can use what’s in your wallet to reduce your environmental impact - so you can feel better both inside and out.


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  1. Opt for Earth-friendly clothing
With the average Brit spending over a £1000 on clothes a year, there are plenty of opportunities to shop for sustainable products when it comes to your wardrobe. From materials and dyes through to the manufacturing process, every aspect of the clothes you wear can play a part in helping or hindering the planet - which is why it’s important to shop with brands that think about the Earth, and not just profit margins. And just because you want to wear eco-friendly clothing, that doesn’t mean you have to don hemp from head to toe. Whether it’s men's sweatshirts or women’s dresses, there are all kinds of fashionable products available that don’t negatively impact on the planet.
  1. Adventure closer to home
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Britain is a beautiful island filled with sprawling green hills, iconic cities and stunning coastline - so why do so many of us head abroad for our holidays? Not only does it burn finite fossil fuels when we fly, but it can also cost an arm and a leg. With so many amazing places sitting right on our doorstep, you can save money and help save the planet by holidaying closer to home. Whether it’s a cottage holiday in Cornwall, a city break in Manchester or a skiing holiday in Scotland, adventuring closer to home has never been more appealing - and the planet has never needed it more.
  1. Switch out your skin care products
As demand increases for eco-conscious beauty products, it’s easier than ever to take care of the planet and your skin at the same time. Cruelty-free, organic skin care products are easy to come by these days - which means you don’t have to go out of your way to incorporate Earth-friendly products into your everyday routine. What’s more, given many organic beauty products throw out harmful chemicals and parabens altogether, you’re guaranteed to glow both inside and out.
  1. Watch what you eat
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While we all need to eat, many of us don’t consider the impact that what we put on our plates has on the planet. If you want to go greener in 2018, food is a great place to start. Buying organic, local produce can be a big step towards a more sustainable way of living, so why not head to a local market to buy your weekly groceries? Cutting down on food miles, and cutting out pesticides and other chemicals, will make what you eat much more environmentally friendly. And if you’re serious about saving the planet, you could also reduce your meat consumption by trying Meat-Free Monday.
  1. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products
Housework is an unavoidable part of life, and it’s here that homeowners can make a big difference by purchasing alternatives to mainstream brands. By their very nature, cleaning products are often loaded with chemicals which all too often end up washed down our pipes. But, by switching regular cleaners with eco-friendly alternatives, you can be sure that both your house and the planet will stay clean. Some of the most popular brands with a green philosophy are Greenscents, Bio-D and Astonish, which are easy to find and will leave your home smelling beautiful - without any artificial or damaging ingredients.
Whether you’ve set yourself a goal to support the planet or you’re simply taking small steps to reduce your impact, it’s more important than ever for us to consider our actions in 2018. As consumers, you have the power to make a change and show support for eco-friendly products and brands - and with our 5 ideas for planet-friendly purchases, you’ll be 5 steps closer to living more sustainably this year.

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