Didriksons & The Sweden Water Initiative

At Nature Shop we are strong believers in supporting brands that not only produce amazing products perfect for getting active and outdoors, but brands that are also doing their part in being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our aim isn't to saturate our site with hundreds of brands and products, but to find the best brands that fit our philosophy. Brands that produce the best quality products, and who care about how they do it........and of course products that we would be proud to wear ourselves.

When looking for a wet weather and jacket brand, we were completely 'WOWED' by Didriksons! Not only were their products high quality, gorgeously made, stylish and functional.  Their UK team, who are fantastic to deal with, are right behind Didriksons and the stories this 102 year old Swedish brand have to tell.

We are very proud to stock Didriksons and to know that they are 1 of 28 top Swedish textile and leather brands that have been taking part in a Swedish Textile Water Initiative to save water, reduce chemicals and to lead the way for many more brands in being more ecological and ethical in their processes and manufacturing. The companies worked with Stockholm International Water Institue (SIWI) to shift towards more sustainable production processes through minimizing the use of water, energy and chemicals throughout the whole supply chain.

More than 40 factories in India participated in the project, which contributed to saving 284 million litres of water and 402 tonnes of chemicals annually. 'It is all about spreading the knowledge and changing attitudes' says Rami Abdelrahman (programme manager at SIWI), "Within 2 years, we have educated more than 14,000 factory managers & employees. This has paved the way for long-term gains for both the environment, the companies, the suppliers and the local population.

The scheme has been so successful, the initiative will now expand to include new factories in Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India and Turkey.

This is what Nature Shop love to hear that is happening and what makes us feel we are on the right track in our brand selection and the ethics we have as a company and the brands we stock.

Great work Didriksons! We are proud to be stockists of such a fantastic company!






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