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Here at Nature Shop we are passionate about fitness, the outdoors and staying healthy!
We enjoy offering great products suited perfectly for these factors and love hearing from people who purchase from us and feel the same.  
Muddy Plimsolls, a reputable outdoor personal training company in London, are valued customers of Nature Shop and believe strongly in kitting yourself out in the right gear for your workout.  
Not only is it vital for your comfort and your warmth whilst outdoors, but it will impact on how you perform.  The last thing you want to think about when you are working out is what you are wearing! You need gear that fits well and functions perfectly, so you can focus solely on getting maximum benefits from your workout. Muddy Plimsolls are keen fans of our Icebreaker Merino Wool Performance Range and know they tick all the right boxes for excellent performance wear.
About Muddy Plimsolls
Formed in 2008 by a husband-and-wife team, Muddy Plimsolls began in Primrose Hill, London. The company's aim is to offer super-effective, outdoor personal training, together with first-class customer service, unusual in the personal fitness industry.  Muddy Plimsolls now covers most of Greater London and earlier this year have expanded into the Home Counties.  They have an excellent reputation as offering an effective and personal service and have been mentioned in numerous publications.

"I have always recommend that clients layer their outdoor exercise clothing for two reasons. Firstly, when they head outside to start their workout they stay comfortable enough until they have warmed up. Secondly, when they feel too warm, they can take off a layer or two. Finally, at the end of the session during the cool down you can always add back a layer.
"I have always enjoyed exercising outdoors throughout the colder months. And as the owner of an outdoors fitness training company, I believe that the right clothing really helps to maximise performance and keep you comfortable. The better you feel the more motivated you'll be to train. It was my wife who first suggested I try merino wool with an Icebreaker chute. Working out with a scarf can be impractical and yet one needs to protect the neck when running against cold winds. A scarf tended to fall off me or loosen when exercising. The chute stays close around my neck no matter if I'm doing push-ups, burpees or sprinting.
Icebreaker/merino wool has a lot of freedom of movement, allowing for a greater range of motion during exercises. You need this when you're reaching hands above your head to grab a pull-up bar, for example.
My full zip top, which I've been working out in for four years, retains a snug fit so I don't feel 'bundled up' and can concentrate on my workout.
We've always been happy with the service and the selection from Nature Shop." - Jason Doggett: Fitness Coach & Director, Muddy Plimsolls.

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