Introducing Our New Logo!



The story behind our Logo.....


Nature Shop is pleased to have rebranded with a new logo!

We love the logo and we feel it reflects us as a company and our vision, and portrays what we are trying to achieve as a company conducting itself in a mindful and conscious way. 

Seeing we are stockists of clothing, footwear and accessories for the outdoors, travel and lifestyle needs, our logo needed to incorporate elements of the outdoors, something visual that would inspire people to get outside and enjoy the elements of nature and the various climates it brings.  

As we are proud stockists of fantastic products that are predominantly, although not all, natural fibres and amazing brands that have visible supply chains, we also needed to somehow reflect our passion of ethical manufacturing processes through the imagery of our logo.  

With the four elements of the logo, we feel they translate well to these important factors of our company, what we do and what we believe in.

Nature Shop believes in mindfulness, conscious consumerism and creating a positive atmosphere around us in all things that we do. 
We do this not only within our office and warehouse, but also by believing in the brands that we stock, and we have the utmost respect for the items we sell and the people behind them.......... from the cotton farmers, (or the sheep farmers) to the sewers, factory workers, to the designers, the distributors and the sales reps.  They are supply chains we need to respect at every level as importantly these are people's livelihoods and communities and this is why we stock brands we believe in and feel passionate about.

We hope our logo reflects all that we believe in and shows us as a company that loves all elements of nature, the climate, life and its challenges and also a reminder to create positivity and respect for all things around us.


Let the Sun replenish your Soul.


Be inspired by Nature.


Enjoy the Currents of Life.


Breathe in a Positive Atmosphere.





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