Blencathra for Sale no More

The potential sale of the Lake District’s stunning mountain, Blencathra, has been withdrawn much to the pleasure of locals to the area. The Earl of Lonsdale put the glorious mountain up for sale some time ago and angered locals were quick to demonstrate their frustration and disappointment with the move. The emotive Blencathra lovers feared that a new owner might inhibit their ability to roam freely on the mountain’s wild and beautiful landscape.

Residents have recently celebrated the decision to withdraw the sale of the mountain through lack of interest from a serious buyer. Having been on the market for two years and with a price tag of £1.75 million, the mountain was unable to secure a viable offer and as such, is no longer actively for sale. Potential buyers would not have only purchased the mountain but they will also benefit from the title 'The Lordship of the Manor of Threlkeld' One bid was accepted, though this sale later fell through and it became clear that interest was not sufficiently high to maintain the sales and marketing of the ‘gem of the Lake District’.

Passionate locals adore Blencathra for it’s rugged yet homely landscape and stunning scenery. With the right to wander freely on the mountain, many were concerned that they would lose this treasure upon purchase and campaigned vehemently to encourage the cancellation of the sale. Such residents are now over the moon to have not lost their beloved mountain to a new owner. The Lowther family, current owners of the mountain were forced to attempt the sale in order to pay a £9 million inheritance tax bill. In being unsuccessful with the venture, the family cancelled the marketing of the site and instead sold valuable pieces of art and possessions to cover the bill.

Blencathra forms part of the family’s massive estate which encompasses around 75,000 acres throughout Cumbria. The mountain, as breathtakingly beautiful as it is, is not financially lucrative for the family and so became an obvious asset to sell in order to balance the books. The family are however, not disappointed to still own the mountain and are pleased to have reached a settlement through other means.

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