Icebreaker Merino T Shirts

Merino wool is widely recognised for its versatility and exceptional benefits to outdoor lovers of all types. The wool warms the wearer in cool weather and cools in heat as well as naturally combatting odour, making this one of the most well suited fabrics for walkers and outdoor pursuit participants.


For those seeking comfort, functionality, style and innovative design, the Icebreaker range is hard to beat. Merino wool is made from the merino sheep which is a hardy animal, capable of living in hostile conditions that a typical sheep wouldn't be able to survive in. The designers at Icebreaker recognised the versatility, effectiveness and capabilities of this wool and have utilised its qualities to build an impressive range of fashionable and functional pieces for outdoor activities.


Amongst their most highly regarded items, the Icebreaker merino shirt is a marriage of excellent style and unique, invaluable benefits. Most wearers choose Icebreaker Merino shirts for cold weather months because it is more readily recognised for its warming benefits but increasingly, the capabilities of the material in warmer months make this a highly sort after shirt in the peak of summer.


Icebreaker's Cool-Lite range is designed specifically for warm weather wearers and boasts lightweight comfort with the unique odour-fighting abilities. Made from a blend of merino wool and eucalyptus tencel this range is 40% cooler than other Icebreaker ranges and also boasts sun protection of up to 30 UPF! This versatile range is extremely popular among athletes and casual pursuit participants and the products are racking up excellent reviews from customers. Check out the range of tanks, T-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeve tees and sweaters HERE

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