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When one of our customers left us a glowing review on our Icebreaker products we were dying to hear more about his fantastic journey and how the Icebreaker worked for him.

Rob Graham recently cycled 20,000 Kilometers through 20 countries in just 10 months! Below Rob explains more about his trip and how he found the Icebreaker clothing:

"When I first came up with the idea of cycling from my home in Wales to Auckland in New Zealand, I knew that to have any chance of achieving my goal I had to make sure I bought the best kit available in order to withstand at least 10 months on the road in all kinds of weather and conditions.

Searching for the right clothing for such a trip was an area where I spent a lot of time researching the different brands on the market. I literally spent hour after hour reading countless reviews written by people who had bought and worn the sort of clothing that I would need.

The main factors I had to consider were the restrictions on how much clothing I could carry on my bike, cycling in temperatures which ranged from minus 10 to plus 46; and that the clothing would have to be able to withstand the dirt and grime which would inevitably build up during however many months before receiving a proper wash in a washing machine.

Choosing the Icebreaker brand I instantly realised I had made the right decision, as when I began my 20,000 kilometre journey the temperature dropped to minus 10 and it rained heavily every single day for the first three weeks. But by having a layering system that consisted of varying weighted garments, it meant that the sweat I built up from cycling anything between 60 and 100 miles a day was removed due to Icebreaker garments being highly breathable. And as well as keeping me warm the fabric was soft also, meaning no nasty chaffing.

One particular aspect of the Icebreaker garment which left me pleasantly surprised was how long I was able to go before they began to smell. In fact I spent a total of 11 months on the road and in all that time my clothing only saw the inside of a washing machine once. And considering I often had to go weeks without being able to have a shower, the clothing was well and truly tested.

Two years after completing my mammoth adventure, the Icebreaker clothing I used during those 11 months on the road I’m still using for my daily runs and bike rides and still with no sign of the clothing needing to be replaced. When the time does come when they need to be replaced I will definitely only be choosing the Icebreaker brand again."

Rob wrote about his adventures in his amazing book 'A craving for Adventure'. Read more about the dangerous encounters he overcame and the amazing people he met or buy the book on his website

Thank you Rob for your amazing review of Icebreaker and for inspiring us all to get outdoors and active!

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 Photos supplied by Rob Graham





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