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Women's Merino Run + Ultralight Mini

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Run + Ultralight Mini: For runners who want exceptional comfort, thermal regulation and the perfect fit. The Run + Ultralight Mini feature sculptured cushioning, unique left and right fit and Achilles support to make sure you're kept comfortable throughout you run!

Features and Benefits: 

• Ultra Light cushioning

• Sculptured cushion 

• Left and Right Fitted

• Achilles support keeps your sock in place

• Reinforced heel and toe

• Naturally odor-resistant

• Breathable

• Temperature control - warm in cold weather, cool in warm weather

Height: Mini - 4.5"

Fabric: 61% Merino, 37% Nylon, 2% Lycra

Care Instructions: Machine wash. Dries fast in the shade, but do not tumble dry. Exact instructions on the care label. 

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