• Egos Felted Wool Slipper Rusty Red Side
  • Egos Womens Felted Wool Slippers Rusty Red
  • Womens Felted Wool Slippers
  • Womens Felted Wool Slippers
  • Womens Felted Wool Slippers
  • Womens Felted Wool Slippers


Womens Felted Wool Slippers

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Felted Wool Slippers: The egos felted wool slippers are gorgeous handmade natural wool slippers. The 100% natural wool is breathable yet will keep your feet nice and warm while the natural lanolin will keep the slippers resistant to dirt, moisture and odours. 

Features and Benefits: 

• Super soft and comfortable

• 100% handmade

• Coloured with eco-friendly colouring 

• Resistant to dirt, moisture and odours

• Absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling wet or losing their insulation

• Breathable while keeping your feet at the perfect temperature

• Slippers take the form of your individual foot to make them super comfortable

• Wool is from New Zealand and the slippers are handmade in Nepal by a fair trade company. Read the manufacturing process HERE

Fabric: 100% pure natural wool with a suede sole

Size: Standard fit

Care Instructions: 

Recommended for indoor use

Vacuum to remove dust

Wash either by hand or in the washing machine on a wool cycle at 30 degrees. Use only wool soap.

Put the wet slipper on so that the slipper takes the shape of your foot then take off and leave to dry. Do not line dry as this will make the slippers lose their shape. 

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